Top 5 Pop Culture Inspired Tattoos

Have you ever loved a movie, a book, a TV show, or an icon so much that you decided to get it permanently inked on your body? Well, these people have. Today, we salute them. This week’s Top 5 Tuesday features our favorite pop culture related tattoos, from Star Wars to Joss Whedon.

By Leigh Harris at Paradise 2 (image from

1. Classic R2-D2 – Personally, I think any and all Star Wars tattoos are the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, and any other weird animal expressions you can think of. This one is my favorite though, because it’s done in the style of a traditional tattoo, except R2-D2 is the central image. I love the bright colors and the simple, iconic quote: “You’re my only hope.” The Force is strong with this one.





2. Harry Potter Mirror of Erised – I have a soft spot for Harry Potter tattoos, and there are an endless number of ways in which fans have adorned their bodies with images and quotes from the books. I’m partial to the ones like this that use the actual artwork from the books, as well as the awesome Harry Potter font. There are thousands of Hogwarts crests, Dark Marks, and deathly hallows symbols out there in various tattooed forms (and they’re fabulous too), but I like this one because it focuses on a specific quote with a powerful message. I also think it was really well executed, with the spacing and shading.




By Sharron Caudill at Northern Soul Tattoo

3. Buffy Quote – When it comes to Buffy tattoos, there are a lot of ways to go. You could go the portrait route and get an image of one or more of the iconic characters; you take the more direct route and get a tattoo like Angel’s or Faith’s; you can get the all-encompassing Whedon tattoo; or you can go all out like this devoted fan. I prefer this quote tattoo, because it’s not quite as “in your face” as a portrait, but it still evokes the essence of Buffy. And it’s a fantastic quote that has a deep meaning for fans of the show. Plus, you gotta love the Buffy title font.


By Kurt Fagerland of Ink and Dagger Tattoo Parlour (image from

4. John Locke Portrait – Of all the ways you could honor Lost in a tattoo, this has to be the best. Not only is the black and white portrait a great likeness of Terry O’Quinn, but it totally encompasses the moral ambiguity and the emotional journey of John Locke’s character. Possibly the best thing about it is the quote, John Locke’s mantra: “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO.” It’s one of the best lines from Lost, and despite sounding like the petulant cry of a five-year-old who wants to stay up late and eat chocolate cake for dinner, it’s actually not a bad life motto.






By Dan Hazelton

5. Spider-Man Chest Piece – Okay, no one can deny that this tattoo is totally kick-ass. If it was just the Spider-Man symbol, it would come off as just another nerdy tribute to a comic book superhero, but with the torn flesh effect making it look like he ripped away his skin to reveal that he’s really Spider-Man underneath, it elevates this tattoo to fan-freakin’-tastic. I think if I saw someone in person with a tattoo like this, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop staring at it. Props to the artist for making what could have been a lackluster concept into an amazing tattoo. And props to this guy for having the courage to get such a large and painful homage to his favorite superhero.

What do you think, pop culture fans? Are these people awesome, or just plain crazy? Do you have, or would you ever get a pop culture related tattoo? Leave us a comment below, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus! Happy Top 5 Tuesday!



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