TV Twitter Reactions: New Girl 1×18 “Fancyman Part 2”

What happens when Winston sings along to the Wicked soundtrack? Fans love the episode. That’s what happens.

  • @melaniielilly Loved that ep of #newgirl
  • @rexyRev #newgirl was hilarious!
  • @22Shanny Laughing so hard at #newgirl tonight!
  • @High_Low_Now #newgirl LOVE that Winston belts out the Wicked soundtrack with feeling!
  • @kikiday Winston singing along to the #Wicked soundtrack FTW!! HA!#NewGirl
  • @laulemon77 That #NewGirl episode just made my night. Thank you for being hilarious and just the right amount of awkward 🙂
  • @monicathecritic #newgirl is the best show right now! Hilarious times 10
  • @lise_statelman Everything about tonight’s #NewGirl was hilarious! Winston & Wicked.. hahaha.
  • @EmilyRMRosa seriously, if you don’t watch ‘New Girl’ there is something wrong with you- I can’t stop laughing at tonights episode! #NewGirl
  • @monicathecritic calling a girl.”shorty” was NEVER cool for YOU Nick. Smh #NewGirl
  • @pollylovesgaga why do all the girls on #NewGirl have bangs?
  • @MisfitsTamara his car singing is HILARIOUS. #NewGirl
  • @gm0ver Winston singing the Wicked soundtrack on #newgirl just made my night!
  • @oancheta Awesome #newgirl episode tonite. HILARIOUS! Loved seeing Winston sing the Wicked soundtrack.
  • @DivaAlexandra_ Cece & Schmidt are amazing. Now Jess & Nick please. #NewGirl

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