TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×19 “Let’s Kill Bridget”

Read the reactions to Tuesday’s <em>Ringer</em>.

  • @Cassandra_xxo Looks like Andrew has a type blonde scheming gold digging murderers #ringer
  • @DiamondCronen #ringer is epic! I really hope @CW_network keeps it for another season!! SMG is stellar.
  • @JABS83 #Revenge needs to give me surprising twists like #Ringer.
  • @gabby722 I had a feeling it was going to be Katherine who was behind the shooting #Ringer
  • @SayHiToErin OMG. #Ringer! That end was amazing
  • @HisaysMark I really don’t like juliet’s mom #ringer
  • @DarrylDwayne Yoooooooooo this show the #Ringer is the freakin truth!!! The writers are amazing…the plot continues to take so many twist & turns!
  • @TonLoc8653 I don’t know if there’s a show out there that makes my mouth drop more than #Ringer Tonight’s show was BatShit CRAZY and I loved every min
  • @is2cullens #Ringer literally left me with my jaw dropped tonight!! Especially at the end. so good.
  • @jschalembier #Ringer has got to be my favorite show on tv right now! It shocks me every week! And SMG is incredible!
  • @MissBast WTF?! This damn show is freaking addicting. Hanging off the edge of your seat addicting. Damn Catherine. #Ringer
  • @illuminotDEE omg #ringer was tooo crazy . I am blown .
  • @NH4X Jeeeeeez!!!!!!!! #ringer is a twist and turn every episode!!! Looove it!
  • @hectorpadilla7 OMG! #Ringer was so good tonight! I love this show!
  • @NicoMcManus #Ringer was so good!
  • @LadySolitaire83 Is it just me, or is this a particularly good episode of #Ringer?
  • @whatwas #Ringer OMFG…. what an ending to the episode!!!!! This show is freaking bananas!!!!
  • @mrsncarter5 #Ringer is off the chain! #SMG rocking it
  • @shreyaphadke Siobhan`s revenge has nothing to do with Sean anymore, that woman needs help along with the other coo coo Catherine #Ringer
  • @westwingwolf Seriously, how many people want Siobhan and/or Bridget dead? Those sisters attract way too much trouble. #Ringer

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