TV Twitter Reactions: 30 Rock 6×14 “The Shower Principle”

Read the reactions to Thursday’s 30 Rock.

  • @nerdettebyday Just snorted water through my nose, watching @alecbaldwin and#TinaFey on #30Rock
  • @caseybuss #30Rock had a MARU REFERENCE!!!!
  • @NoahStepro Loving my #30rock tonight
  • @fanboytristan Cerie is alive! #30Rock
  • @DevonRiesenberg Ok. Hazel is the nuttiest character on television and those one-liners are hysterical! Oh 30 Rock how I love thee! #30rock #NBC
  • @thekristinjean Ahhhhhh #30rock you are so funny. #thursdaysmakemesohappy
  • @ScarletDadSpidr Macbeth on #30Rock is how you do it!
  • @ADAMnsubtractem GET RID OF HAZEL #30Rock
  • @bdogg9000 Jack does not imitate Indian people well #30Rock
  • @thinkblue_d Lmao Jack as Ghandi #30Rock
  • @MissMovies I’m not a fan of Hazel on #30Rock
  • @HireLynneStanko Ugh, I miss Kenneth’s page uniform so much. #30Rock
  • @derbykid A guy with a cheeseburger for a head quoted Shakespeare. This is a thing that happened on #30Rock. And, it was amazing.
  • @kathleenpapp #30Rock is SEWWW good tonight!
  • @jonlxh #30rock never ceases to make me smile 🙂
  • @ninjasource I just got the dual meaning of the movie face off, thanks #30rock

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