Quotes of the Week: ‘Survivor,’ ‘New Girl,’ & More

Jonas struggles to strategize with his idiotic tribe mates on 'Survivor'; Britta seduces Subway on 'Community'; and Nick enjoys a night of drinking with an old pal on 'New Girl'

Here’s a quick look at the week’s best lines…

New Girl 1×18 “Fancyman, Part 2”

“Where are you guys? Could I have walked out to the mountains? When does a hill become a mountain? I’m so cold!” —Nick, literally standing 30 feet from the car, puking in the grass

Raising Hope 2×19 “Hogging All the Glory”

CeCe: “Oh, I get what’s happening here. It’s because pony-tail out there called you a ‘sex-receptionist.'”
Schmidt (indignant): “A sex-receptionist answers calls all day. A sex-cretary does scheduling, light filing…basically runs the office. So, first of all, thank you for the demotion. And second of all, I quit.”

Survivor 25×07 “The Beauty in a Merge”

Jonas: “We need to get stuff together here, you know?”
Mike: “Like supplies? Or, like, thoughts?”

Happy Endings 2×20 “Big White Lies”

“Serbian tradition. We always do things early ’cause we never know when we’re going to have to pack up and murder a populace.” —Jane

Community 3×13 “Digital Exploration of Interior Design”

Pierce: “Top notch whoresmanship, Britta.”
Shirley: “Pierce!”
Pierce: “Sorry—whoreswomanship. Forgot it was the ’90s.”


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