TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×18 “Power”

Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW; 2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Read how fans reacted to the Nikita/Amanda showdown.

  • @AnandDVallabh Percy really knows how to talk. #Nikita
  • @aliciatran LMAO at the drawing alex drew to break into zetrov #NIKITA
  • @ellePSNStores #nikita was so awesome tonight #savenikita!
  • @Angellove76 Tonight episode of #nikita was really good tonight. I really enjoyed the show down between Nikita and Amanda
  • @Rounfolu Percy is just a boss. #nikita
  • @JRRnotTolkien #Nikita & Amanda scenes 4EVAHHHHHHHH!! Melinda Clarke and Maggie Q KILLED it tonight
  • @Flowldris man these #Nikita episodes are getting better and better there is no way were not getting a season 3 amazing job cast and crew members
  • @i_Velas89 Pretty much every character on #Nikita has had to be on the run at some point. Now it’s Amanda & Ari’s turn to hide in a motel lol
  • @blueARGQL So the episodes are actually getting….even better…..gawd…..#nikita
  • @Koolio777 This episode of #Nikita proved to be WAY better than last weeks. Love it, can’t wait until it goes back on.
  • @EmmaisaWannabe Just finished watching today’s episode of #Nikita which was badass. :3 I literally cannot wait for the next. 20/4 arrive sooner! #NikitaFan
  • @Panty_Buns @NikitaTV Tonight’s #Nikita episode blew me away. Wasn’t ready for seeing Amanda having a heart + emotion showing – or 4 Percy’s evil return
  • @calystarose it was literally one of the best episodes of the series. So magnificently done! #Nikita
  • @rain8a Amanda got so screwed! #Nikita
  • @winnieex A++ #Nikita. omg, totally kew she was going to be ok. too perfect. xx
  • @theonetruebix This episode of #Nikita is awesome.
  • @JLMadridFederer All the awards for Alex. #Nikita
  • @TheStarCreek Hell yes! Amanda and Ari go down! #Nikita
  • @MaggieQForever Best…episode…EVER!!!!! #Nikita
  • @TootsieTartart Oh my heart. #Nikita was so great. maggieq and melinda Clark were Amazing!

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  1. Haha thanks for mentioning my tweet on your site, awesome!

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