TV Twitter Reactions: The Voice “Live Eliminations”

It’s the first week of the live shows on The Voice. What did you think of the performances and song choices? Read what others thought below and sound off in the comments. Personally, I was not a fan of Naia’s performance and I have to agree with @divaTy “If you can’t sing like Adele, do not. Sing. Adele. #TheVoice

  • @ileimohala Seriously, this is going to be TOUGH!!! #TeamBlake was sooooooooo great tonight!!! #TheVoice
  • @oilerlove40 I love RaeLynn!!! She killed it tonight! Loved that she did a #Maroon5song! Great song choice! #TheVoice #TeamBlake
  • @kimyarbrough That l’il @RaeLynnOfficial is a PISTOL! Love her! #TheVoice
  • @Maridizzel #TheVoice Lindsey pavao singing my jam ‘somebody that I use to know’ love her even more.
  • @KunaKatina Aww c’mon naia kete! Keep it simple! #TheVoice
  • @ayeshadhillon Agree completely with the judges. Jesse Campbell’s voice makes me melt, it’s like butter. Velvet butter. Unreal. #TheVoice
  • @krombie Why dont the coaches tell them the truth? So far they all kind of blow. Very disappointed in #thevoice
  • @savinggrc As much as I liked Jermaine, Chris ruled. He is one of the best voices I’ve heard in years. #TheVoice
  • @midwestspitfire I guess my current problem with this show is that I don’t find any of them to be particularly good performers. #TheVoice
  • @ReyCamp Jesse Campbell can sing hella good #TheVoice
  • @Megfitz86 @blakeshelton‘s team is taking it this year ALL of his artists are so original and not afraid of different genres! #thevoice #teamblake
  • @naturalestrella #thevoice hit it outta the park as usual, but they could have had some better song choices for some of the singers.
  • @CMHSuga Can someone tell me what is on Cee-lo’s head? #TheVoice
  • @libbunnie sorry i am not a fan of naiah.. changing the channel now..#TheVoice
  • @brendan0195 Charlotte Sometimes covered Misery Business. That’s interesting. 😀#TheVoice
  • @Pearl_Stoned #TheVoice #liveshows are on and poppin. I’m stoked
  • @JT1718 RaeLynn Better win the Voice or im gonna be more mad than the Hulk #thevoice #countrymusic
  • @GrantBreitmeier I dont know about you but I personally think that @LindseyPavao is by far the best singer on #TheVoice There is no way she wont make it
  • @dustfilms Charlotte Sometimes… does she suffer from multiple personality disorder? #thevoice
  • @Fedorablemario Looks like Christina’s team and Blake’s team lost. #TheVoice
  • @AceBambi #TheVoice = Amazing, as always.
  • @Angellove76 Oh I did enjoy #thevoice but the talent is amazing this season, I just can’t pick a favorite.
  • @ryanskubic Dear #thevoice, please ditch the over-produced stage productions that undermine the actual voices you should be showcasing. Thank you.
  • @Hotmama83007 I love 2nites episode of #thevoice
  • @wetodded Enjoyed many of the live performances of #TheVoice. Love Chris Mann. Rae-Lyn can still definitely go.
  • @CelistanTwins1 I would have never thought to give Jesse Campbell a Lou Armstrong song. That was breathtaking! #TheVoice
  • @JasmineOfTokyo My absolute favorite song “Alone” by Heart. Not impressed Jordis…#TheVoice
  • @HHisler #TheVoice the singers are just not doing it for me. Maybe it’s cause the pair the two most opposite singers together!!!

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