TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×20 “If You’re Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It”

Only two episodes left and Ringer is not holding back. Read the reactions from fans on Twitter.

  • @missnonkovic #ringer is killing it! It just may bypass #revenge for fave show…bc it actually airs regularly, that’s always a plus.
  • @IAm_Brett That bitch is doing too much. Juliet’s mom. She crazy. And least Bridget didn’t die for real lol. #Ringer
  • @BrandonSalmon When did Siobhan get so pregnant looking? Lol #Ringer
  • @IsaacSuntag Only halfway through this episode and it’s so good! #Ringer
  • @Nerak616 It’s always the person you least expect that drugs you up and tries to drown you #Ringer
  • @JessDudley412 I am obsessed with #ringer, I can’t believe there are only two episodes left!! #alreadyreadyforseason2
  • @AricCougar The CW’s #Ringer TV show series is like no other! FINALLY after years and years, we have a NEW Theme and Plot line that is intriguing! #Nice
  • @rob_lo01 I knew she was gonna tell the police! @RingerWriters #ringer
  • @ShaunieBeeGee Why Bridget Why???? #Ringer
  • @tvfilmjunkie Wow. The end of #Ringer tonight, and the previews for next week. Craziness. #guiltypleasure
  • @_ViciousSilver_ #Ringer was insane !
  • @raulsmith22 #Ringer is on… and it’s good for once.. #NestorCarbonell is #HOT
  • @Laracious Holy #Ringer! BY FAR the best show on the CW & it keeps getting better!!
  • @Stephanie_Lynn1 Seriously Machado you’re going to get yourself busted. #Ringer.
  • @ToxicRaven500 #Ringer never cease to amaze me! What a crazy ending this episode.
  • @AlishaLandry511 #ringer…this is the most irritating show. Horrible actors…cancel this. Michelle Gellar’s studdering drives me nuts.
  • @MindyBurnette WHOA! Just watched my show #Ringer & it was good! Keeps getting better! That CRAZY woman is pure evil!
  • @NoelValentine #ringer just keeps getting better!!! #CW I’m dying for next week!!!

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