TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×13 “One Tree Hill”

Photo: Fred Norris/The CW ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

It was an emotional finale for many fans as they said good-bye to their favorite people in Tree Hill.

  • @aryellesegal Crying over #onetreehill its all over thanks for the memories and the good times you will be missed
  • @angelandaddict so I’m sitting here waiting for the preview for next week’s episode. :((#onetreehill
  • @brunzy71 That ending of #onetreehill made me tear up … Gonna miss nathan and the crew #oth #thanksforthememories #gavindegraw #brooke
  • @abiiraS Time to go cry myself to sleep …. #onetreehill is officially over 😥
  • @ChelseaT_XO Definitely cried my eyes out😰 #OneTreeHill #GoodNightTreeHill
  • @kcampbell2011 Can’t believe a show my sisters & I have been watching for 9 years is finally over! Gonna miss #onetreehill no show can top it!
  • @TheseDaysOfMine Didn’t think it was possible but I love! The way #OneTreeHill ended.
  • @KyleKaralash I am bawling right now. #Goodbye #OneTreeHill
  • @Xx_Ljin_xX #OneTreeHill #SeasonFinale is pretty good! It’s the end of another TV series that has pretty good morals just like #Smallville#LuvIt
  • @JordanJGriffith Perfect ending to a perfect show ❤ because of this show I have evolved into a better person & for that I am forever grateful#onetreehill
  • @zeezeepop It’s now setting in that #OneTreeHill is over and it makes me somewhat depressed
  • @AshleyKahlow #onetreehill you will always be my true weakness. gonna miss this, but perfect way to end it. #alwaysandforever
  • @Jeff_West13 The Series Finale of #OneTreeHill is absolutly PERFECT! Loved the theme being played near the end 😀 #CAW! Lol
  • @Cutelilmamii2u Watching the last episode of #onetreehill brings back so many memories!!!!! What an amazing show and a great 9 years!!!!!! Thanks!
  • @KatelynKelly13 that was one of the best ending to such an incredible show#onetreehill #alwaysandforever
  • @lambordum To be honest the last #onetreehill kind of sucked haha! But I’ma miss the show!!! wish lucas & peyton were in it for the last show
  • @briarose710 I admit I cried a little. That was kind of perfect for a series finale!#onetreehill #GoodbyeTreeHill
  • @lil_J_3405 I wish Logan would have been around for more episodes. That is the cutest little kid. “You’re already my dad, dad” #TearsUp#OneTreeHill
  • @kkkkkourtney I can’t believe it’s over. I’m ridiculous and I cried through the whole thing. #onetreehill
  • @laibee23 THANK YOU MARK. THAT WAS PERFECT. #OneTreeHill#OneLastTime #GoodnightTreeHill
  • @OhHellNawCaryn Logan just made me start sobbing. #OneTreeHill
  • @MarlineRenee I seriously thought this last episode of #OneTreeHill would’ve been waaay better.
  • @zambazon #onetreehill might be home to the best modern love stories #truth
  • @NoellaV Can’t believe it’s over. A piece of my teenage years just died#onetreehill
  • @Samantha1122 I just sobbed for 2 hours straight. One tree hill I will miss you so. Such an amazing 9 Years #OTH
  • @BradyWeeks Not the best ending, but I still love it #OTH
  • @Brigettttt12 Just watched the series finale of #oth. Is it weird I cried? I feel like I grew up there. hahaha.
  • @michelenarup There will only ever be one Tree Hill. #oth Great Episode tonight. Will definately miss it.
  • @chelseaassaf OH MY GOD. I TAKE IT BACK. him calling Quinn mom just absolutely ruined me #ALLthetears #oth
  • @stfnetran What a perfect ending to a great show ❤ #OTH #alwaysandforever
  • @Peaches830 Surprisingly, the #OTH finale didn’t make me cry.
  • @oilerlove40 I loved all the little “winks” they had in the ep – the book,water balloons,bracelet,dinner- mac n cheese,wish box,all very special.#OTH

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