Film Friday: Surf Ninjas

It’s the first Friday of April! That means it is time for a new Film Friday theme.

I hope you have been practicing your roundhouse kick because this month’s theme is  ’90s martial arts, and we start off with Surf Ninjas (1993). The family comedy tells the story of two brothers living in Los Angeles when they discover they are the crown princes of Patusan, a country ruled by the nasty, half-metal dictator, Colonel Chi, played by Leslie Nielsen. Yeah, the one and only Leslie Nielsen. So, what happens when the young princes gain the magical powers? They return to Patusan, of course, to fight Colonel Chi’s oppressive army. The film also stars Rob Shneider, Tone Loc, and a buff Ernie Reyes Jr. Surf Ninjas is definitely campy, but that’s why we love the 90s. Have fun!

Original Photo: Dig Boston

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