‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “Everything in Its Right Place”

So. About that episode. I’m not really sure I’ve processed it fully, mostly because my brain decided to shut itself down in order to protect itself from the crippling sadness that resulted from those final minutes. After I finished vacuuming up the tiny pieces of my heart from where it shattered on the floor—all the while electrocuting myself repeatedly due to the waterfall of tears flowing from my eyeballs to the electric cord—I decided that what we need most during these difficult times is laughter. So, without reliving the saddest scenes, I will do my best to find some humor in this week’s episode, despite my suspicion that nothing will ever be funny ever again. But if there was one thing that could make us laugh, it’s Gene in a bovine-sized FBI t-shirt on Grazing Day.

Good for you, Astrid. I love that she’s such a normal, well-adjusted human being amidst all this dysfunction.

Poor Lincoln seemed like he would do anything not to have to suffer through the torture of being the fifth wheel (I’m counting Gene as the fourth) on Grazing Day with Peter, Olivia, and Walter in the blissful honeymoon stage of their family reunion. So he volunteered to visit the Altverse, where we found our first soon-to-be-victim of the week.

Is it just me, or are Fringe’s villains starting to look more and more like creatures out of horror movies? Last week it was the porcupine monster, and now this guy? And we haven’t even gotten to the gross part yet… Anyway, Lincoln took it to the bridge and crossed over to the Altverse, toting his very important documents with a look of determination on his face like a kid climbing the ladder to the high-dive.

Ah yes, the patented Olivia Dunham Hair Flip… Altlivia’s most powerful weapon of seduction. Lincoln never stood a chance. Oh well. You know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed, try again with her redheaded doppelgänger. Unless you’re Peter. Then they say, “Fool, I know you did not just knock up the wrong Olivia. Didn’t anyone teach you how to use a condom? Now go erase yourself from existence.” But I digress… Altlivia and a pleasantly bewildered Lincoln were having some fun share time in the car, and by that I mean Altlivia was exploiting the opportunity to get some dirt on her Lincoln.

Okay, at this point in the episode I was trying really hard to fight the overwhelming urge to run out into the street and start screaming, “ATTENTION EVERYONE: STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING. LINCOLN’S MIDDLE NAME IS TYRONE.” How freaking awesome is that?! It’s so ridiculous and yet so fitting. Plus, I have a thing for fictional characters with hilarious middle names (see: Xander Lavelle Harris, Ronald Bilius Weasley, etc.), so it makes me love Lincoln even more.

Does it count as product placement if you can’t actually see the Nissan logo? But who cares because LINCOLN’S MIDDLE NAME IS TYRONE.

Blah blah, plot development, blah. No one cares about this Batman/Mantis guy who’s going around killing ne’er-do-wells. Except we kind of do because it’s related to DRJ’s shapeshifters, but whatevs, the point of this episode was obviously Lincoln Lee and his quest to find his inner spirit animal and whatnot. But mostly it’s about the sheer wonder of having two Lincoln Lees in the same scene together. *Swoon* Apparently these guys didn’t get the memo:

You’re telling me, Alfonso. Who were these randos snooping around like they owned the place? Don’t they know they’re stealing valuable screen time from the two Lincolns? Not to mention Altlivia and her magic hair? Come on guys. Just get eaten or mauled or whatever and let’s move on.

Thanks, Ghostbusters. We can take it from here.

After Lincoln pled his case to Altlivia, she agreed to let him stay in the Altverse and help them work on the melty bodies case and continue on his search for self-actualization.

Way to accidentally decapitate the evidence, Lincoln. I hope it was worth it for that necklace. What is it with Lincoln and jewelry in this episode? First the friendship bracelet, now the locket? I guess I can’t blame him for being easily distracted by shiny things. Speaking of which, Lincoln got to have a nice little chat with the shining star that is AltLincoln during which they compared and contrasted their respective upbringings, family histories, choice of hair gel, etc. Turns out they actually had a fair amount in common.

Somewhere in the midst of their sexy banter, Altstrid interrupted them to tell them something important about one of the bodies they found that was caught on tape walking around after she was supposed to be dead. Sounds like zombies to me! Good call, Fringe. Zombies are always a good way to boost ratings. Except zombies were ruled out pretty quick because then this happened:

Ewwwww. I guess now we know how this new breed of shapeshifters changes into its victims without that old-fashioned three-pronged device thingy. But seriously. THAT WAS SO DISGUSTING.

Lincoln was not making things easy for the Colonel, AKA Mr. Mole, who’s in cahoots with Meana and Jones. Luckily Altlivia and AltLincoln saw the reason in Lincoln’s theory and helped convince Colonel Grumpy that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. And sure enough, they got a lead on the BatMantis shapeshifter.

During their operation, the two Lincolns continued their discussion on the meaning of life and what makes them who they are… You know, the usual conversation topics while you’re stalking a shape-shifting serial killer.

Gee I wonder what it could be that made their paths diverge… OH YEAH THE SASSY REDHEAD. How did they not figure out that everything between them was the same up until the point where one of them met Altlivia? Or possibly sometime between then and prom, but mostly SHE’S THE VARIABLE. She’s the thing that made AltLincoln choose to be the man he wanted to be. This is some Lost-level epic stuff right here you guys. But back to Lincoln the Cowardly Lion and his quest to find his courage on the Yellow Brick Road…

Back at the ranch, Colonel Broyles made a sketchy call to his sketchy friend Meana, and they conspired to do some sketchy business.

Nice new haircut, Meana! I didn’t know you were an extra in the new Great Gatsby movie. Also, STOP RUINING EVERYTHING EVER.  You and AltBroyles and your stupid ulterior motives.

Sighhhhh… So Lincoln had a little chat with Canaan AKA BatMantis the shapeshifter, and he was all like, “I identify with you. We are kindred lost spirits.” But Canaan didn’t want to betray Jones for some messed-up reason. And then something unspeakable happened and I can’t even bring myself to look at the screen shots from it because it’s just too painful and I refuse to believe it happened. But the short version is that Altlivia is a super-BAMF who made an impossible shot at the assassin who was trying to take out Canaan.

Then Lincoln got really angry and threw Canaan against a fence and took out all his inner demons on him.

Sufficiently shaken up by Lincoln’s “grab your destiny by the balls” speech, Canaan helped them orchestrate a plan to take Meana into custody.

Haha, take THAT Meana! We got you so bad! Thank you, Canaan for making this moment possible. And thank you Meana for giving us all this awesome information and technology to help us fight against Jones. Lincoln was having a great time figuring out the program that shows the GPS locations of all the shapeshifters. That could come in handy. Hey, what do you say we just do a quick overview of Fringe HQ? Just for funzies? To see what we come up with?

Lincoln took his new best friend Canaan the recovering shapeshifter to meet Walter, was eager to study—I mean help him. If I wasn’t frozen in a state of denial/shock/infinite sadness, I would try to hypothesize about the possible effects of this new development in our knowledge about the new generation of shapeshifters.

The rest of this episode is literally too sad for me to recap. Number one, I can’t bear to revisit it, and number two, there was absolutely nothing funny about it and there never will be. It was one of the saddest moments I’ve ever seen on television—and I watched all of Buffy and Lost, okay? I haven’t cried this much since I read John Green’s book about teenagers with cancer. So instead of reliving the world-shattering heartbreak of the episode’s final scenes, I’ll just refer you to someone who knows a little something about sadness: Dr. Jack Shephard.

And lastly, I leave you with a giant GROUP HUG for the entire Fringe fandom, because that’s all we have to get us through this infinite sadness. That, and (don’t click it unless you’re ready to weep some more) this. I CAN’T YOU GUYS. This is too hard. Alright Peter, fire up the Machine. This timeline sucks, so we’re gonna try this again. Third timeline’s the charm.

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading!



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  1. Group hug woul be really nice. :”( Still refuse to believe he’s not with us anymore.
    Thank you for recap.

  2. I’m sorry but this was too hard to read. Nothing seems funny from that episode, not even gene :/


  4. Well that was just the saddest ending ever. Anna Torv was brilliant as always.
    Excellent recap.

  5. Your recaps have become the highlight of my Mondays. They’re always so clever and funny.

  6. Utterly brilliant — your recaps are always good, but you’re surpassing yourself now. Great cast did a fabulous job with exciting and ultimately very sad episode. Thanks!

  7. The magic hair flip is hilarious.
    And yes, the rest of it is just too sad.
    It hit me hard too. ;(


  9. I found it hard to laugh after the episode but your recap made it possible. and omg, the video. whyy? *group hug*

  10. Really, thank you for this recap, it was wonderful and sooo funny (and I really needed it after last episode. I’m still crying, tbh). I’ll just say I really hope there’s a twist to the-scene-that-must-not-be-named because it would be SO lame if he’s really dead and we don’t get to see neither how it happens nor a proper goodbye scene with promises of neverending love to his Liv (yeees, I know, a fangirl can dream)

    Anyway, thaaaank you so much. I had a very good time reading this 🙂

  11. accordingtomel

    It’s like we’re basically the same person with the exact same thoughts. This recap made me tear up, even though you didn’t discuss the depressing ending, but I was also chuckling along with it, too. (GOD, SHOW, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US?!) I haven’t been this upset since Charlie died, and I am FAAAR more attached to Lincoln *sobs*

    Anyway, great job. Don’t think my heart can handle anything more on this show right now. All my love for Lincoln (both of them), and for this lovely review.


  12. TexasFringeFiles

    Ok, I like the photo re-caps. But, can we please move past each one fabricating a love triangle between Peter/Olivia/Lincoln? Or just a “romantic” thing between Peter & Lincoln? This is not going anywhere and it kind of under cuts the Fringe Love story. This whole season has been built on Peter’s choice to save his wife (in the future), the consequences, and then how his and Olivia’s love corrected the re-set timeline. Can’t we just enjoy that and get back to them kicking the bad guys’ butts? Please and thank you! 🙂

  13. Lincoln Tyrone Lee? If Fringe gets a 5th season I totes want to see an episode where he goes to a 3rd universe and finds out his alter is a big African American dude… the episode will be called “BROTHA FROM ANOTHA UNIVERSE”

    Wait, that needs to be a spinoff series. (Forget the “Lincoln investigates Over There sex crimes” pitch)

  14. WAIT! It gets better. In “Brotha from Anotha Universe” *everyone* over there is black! Yeah.

  15. Yeah, I feel ya. “I can keep a secret–not!” Lincoln was cool. I think you did great again!

  16. Magic hair flip XD but I loved Altlincoln i just don’t find the rest funny coz i just want to forget this episode ever happened, and then i thought i was ready and clicked on the link and i just cried some more, i still haven’t gotten over Charlie’s death how will i ever get over AltLincolns death

  17. I’m in denial as well. I am so incredibly sad and i refuse to believe in this unacceptable twist. What is the point, makes us all enjoy fringe A LOT less? Cause it’s working. Other than that, your recaps are funny, specially the Alt Liv parts and the Lincs’s banter about their differences.

  18. IwillneverforgetTyrone

    Thank you so much for helping me to feel a little bit better on this horrific day… I’ve honestly been dry-heaving, I can’t even get the tears out. This is such a sad day… there are simply no words

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