TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 7×22 “Trilogy Time”

Fans got a glimpse of Ted’s life in 2015, and were happy to see him finally achieve his dream.

  • @teachingAri Anyone watch #HIMYM yet? Notice how in “real 2015” Barney kept his hand hidden so you couldn’t see if he had a wedding ring on…
  • @monkeyslut88 #himym was sooo pointless this week.
  • @jmorgue The ending of #himym brought tears. So sweet. So so awesome.
  • @KaramShounia Great #HIMYM episode today! Such a great show
  • @shreepalmehta Today’s episode of #himym has officially made me take it off my DVR. #lame
  • @SecretAgentNerd Wont say anything spoilery except loving one particular flashback…more than I should. #HIMYM#Fangirls
  • @davyj03 Great episode of how I met your mother #HIMYM
  • @LadyKathrynMC Flash back episodes of #HIMYM are the best and tonight was no exception
  • @BillPoobah Was it just me or was Barney’s ring finger without a ring in 2015?#HIMYM
  • @missashelyn Tonight’s #himym was amazing. The end has me hoping we meet the mother soon (maybe?) and more so, that “in 3 years” can hold such promise 🙂
  • @funnell Ted as a dad. #awesome#himym
  • @MrsAmyDaniels So mad they hid Barney’s left hand on the #HIMYM flash forward
  • @chotirani Lmao Robin in the stormtrooper costume lol this is such a Star Wars-riffic episode! 🙂 #HIMYM
  • @ChelShel89 Awe the ending of #himym made me cry happy tears! Yay for Ted in 3 years! 🙂
  • @CaatchMeIfIFall aw Ted with his baby girl in 2015! ❤ I love Quinn and Barney together. #hatersgonnahate #HIMYM
  • @Cody_Belanger I say this often, but I am enjoying How I Met Your Mother more now that I consider it a drama instead of a sitcom. #HIMYM
  • @Npano20 “If you don’t trill it up every couple years, the darkside wins!” -Marshall lmfao great episode of #HIMYM
  • @pocketemily Studying the flashforward to see if Barney is wearing a wedding ring;@ActuallyNPH is sitting on his hand. Well played, #HIMYM. Well played.
  • @metred01 New #HIMYM referenced star wars the entire episode… Am I dreaming? Because that episode was #Legen wait for it… #Dary
  • @yasasw Awkward #HIMYM episode…. watz in store for me after three years
  • @JoePlock #HIMYM finally set a deadline for meeting the mother. Less than 3 years away!
  • @Cometh_the20th So we have to wait another 3 years to know who the mother is? Good one. #himym
  • @Seth_Austin Wow. Last night’s #HIMYM was fantastic.

What did you think of the Star Wars centric episode? Were you satisfied with the flash forward?


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