TV Twitter Reactions: Glee 3×15 “Big Brother”

Glee returned on Tuesday after a long hiatus. Read the fan reactions.

  • @Rannonj Wow Matt Bomer & @DarrenCriss Best song ever!!!! #Glee
  • @Lisa_Glamkitty Gosh, Cooper’s acting class is just so so stupid. ^^ I feel for Blaine, seriously. #Glee
  • @GDS3000 This is how good this #Glee is: I’m having an existential debate on being a hipster with twitter. I need to sleep.
  • @RachelInnes1st darren criss in the shower, dont mind if i do…#glee
  • @arams11 Blaine is the best part of #Glee …and becoming the only reason I watch. #sad
  • @LucieJL Loved tonight’s #GLEE!! @DarrenCriss was amazing and Matt Bomer was hilarious! I’m pointing my finger at my phone as I type this!!!
  • @AdamsTeri Glee tonight was amazing. I love Matt Biker more than I did before, and I didn’t think that was possible. Long live Anderson brothers!#glee
  • @pleasemeMcFly THE WAY THAT BLAINE GOES UP TO THE PIANO. Mother of god.#glee
  • @AlexinaRose “Stronger” was a retarded song choice for this episode. #Glee
  • @colbysaur Overall thoughts: they did a horrible job of dealing with Quinn’s accident, I love the Anderson brothers, I support Sue’s pregnancy.#Glee
  • @surrexi Oh, #Glee writers. You have NO CONCEPT of character continuity, do you? I swear you pull plot points and twists out of a hat every week.
  • @Breznican Okay, the Matt Bomer master class in acting was funny. The rest of the writing on #Glee is unbearably bad.
  • @_maria_martina So much cuteness. Quinn/Artie. ❤ #glee
  • @bianca102893 I think Quinn and Artie were cute #glee
  • @Andi6498 I loved the Duran Duran mix on #Glee tonight!! 😀
  • @rebekahwsm #glee likes having family members sing wildly inappropriate songs to each other.
  • @AsianVal #Glee tonight was pretty damn good, although they should’ve focused on Quinn more. #JustSaying
  • @JMHoffman #Glee is horribly dubbed this week. Seems like they’re focusing too much on auto tuning the actors voices in the studio. Looks terrible!
  • @emily_bond Did Blaine really sing Christina? I’m impressed…but I like the original better. #glee
  • @alysewhitney So…Quinn crushed her spine, but there isn’t a visible scratch on her body or a broken bone to speak of? #Glee logic is bizarre.

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