‘Fringe’ as ‘The Wizard of Oz’


Happy Fringe Friday, everyone! To celebrate, I made this ridiculous photo of the cast of Fringe as characters from The Wizard of Oz. This season had so many similarities to the film that I just couldn’t help myself. Let’s analyze everyone’s Oz counterparts, shall we?

Peter = Dorothy: This one seems pretty obvious since Peter spent the first half of the season trying to find his way back home, only to have the Observer tell him that he’d been home all along. Just click your ruby slippers, Peter! Plus, we all know Peter could totally pull off pigtails and that adorable blue dress.

Olivia = the Tin Man: In the rebooted timeline, Olivia was very closed-off and obviously lacked the loving relationships she had with Peter and Walter in the original timeline. Once her memories started coming back—and with them her feelings for Peter—she decided to let them override her rebooted identity. She chose love. And in that process, she found her heart again.

Walter = the Scarecrow: Even in the rebooted timeline, Walter is nowhere near stupid. But I think we can all agree that reboot Walter was significantly less mentally stable than the Walter from the original timeline. Granted, the old Walter had been out of the mental institution for three years and had started to rebuild his relationship with his son. Now that Walter 2.0 is doing the same thing, he’s as sane, and as brilliant, as the original timeline’s Walter.

Lincoln = the Cowardly Lion: I wouldn’t say that Lincoln is “cowardly” per se, but I think that he has definitely learned to face his fear, whether it’s evil shapeshifters, being infected by genetically-enhanced porcupine monsters, or not having a tether to the world. After his journey to the Altverse in “Everything in Its Right Place,” I’d say Lincoln finally found his inner roar.

Gene = Toto: I feel like this one’s pretty self-explanatory. Granted, I made Gene into a travel-size version of herself so she could be easily carried in a basket in case they need to escape from some flying monkeys. After seeing David Robert Jones’ freak show of an ark, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a pair of flying monkeys on it somewhere.

Don’t forget to watch an all-new episode of Fringe tonight at 9 on Fox! And remember: “There’s no place like home!”



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  1. Perfect! I thought the porcubats were flying monkeys. Have loved your posts and hope we can enjoy another season of them.

  2. amazing! Peter is totally Dorothy haha…wonder who the observers would be? the munchkins lol

  3. Loved it!!!!

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