TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife 3×20 “Pants on Fire”

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Good Wife returned from hiatus on Sunday and delivered a shocking final scene. Read how fans reacted.

  • @AngieFeist Atta boy Peter get yo mama! #TheGoodWife
  • @bobertAH09 Even when compromised, Jackie Florrick is a menacing bitch.#TheGoodWife
  • @amframmy Not sure who is worse Jackie or Mathew Perry. Nope, Jackie wins with “i forgive you” #TheGoodWife
  • @a_kaye_p #TheGoodWife was sooooooooo good tonight!
  • @Corellianjedi2 Grams is a wicked wicked woman. #TheGoodWife
  • @lilnerdette I feel like we’ve come full circle and then some with the name of this show. #TheGoodWife
  • @thetvchick Holy crap. #TheGoodWife is just such fantastic television.#obvioustweets
  • @nikolinapapa #TheGoodWife – this episode was so freaking well written. As a marketer I don’t watch a lot of TV (no time) but this show is epic
  • @SandraWaterlily Wow, fantastic episode of #TheGoodWife tonight. The only quibble I have is that Will’s suspension needs to be over. I miss Will the lawyer.
  • @amykhector One of my favorite actors and I can’t STAND his character on#thegoodwife. Just an example of how good an actor@MatthewPerry is.
  • @AClassyBroad @MatthewPerry Great work on #TheGoodWife, didn’t think I could hate any character more than Jackie–good job, everyone! 🙂
  • @zacstackell All of my 90s indie ideals have turned upside down due to#thegoodwife with @Alancumming and @parkerposey making out as corporate lawyers.
  • @jeneSAYquoi Peter FINALLY grew a pair! #TheGoodWife
  • @nettie3131 Jackie is Evil #TheGoodWife
  • @CheeryDelirium @GoodWifeWriters You guys are miracle workers. All it took was the introduction of Mike Kresteva to make Peter likeable! 😀#TheGoodWife
  • @jflotv Finally, Cary is coming back and can stop being a douche.#thegoodwife
  • @larissamors hope you can come up with something really good, kings. ’cause i ain’t happy about that ending #thegoodwife
  • @hopelesslights Oh, Alicia, I love you but please don’t do this. #thegoodwife
  • @i_said_kinky so good.. it’s almost criminal #TheGoodWife
  • @dani_tro That mother in law is real gangsta tho…. #TheGoodWife
  • @ictcowgrrl I love #thegoodwife bec it is made for grown ups.
  • @theinventher Alicia is up to something 🙂 #thegoodwife
  • @Yari0420 #thegoodwife and a Alicia is still “the good wife” can’t wait to see what the scandal will be in this campaign!!
  • @Lostinfandom Jackie Florrick is a special kind of creepy. She’d never seen herself as wrong. Give Mary Beth Peli an Emmy! #TheGoodWife
  • @TPGee Wowie Zowie Alicia’s got her game on now! #TheGoodWife
  • @Dao898 Something tells me Alicia’s gonna pay for this decision. Looks like my hopes of her and Will reuniting are pointless #TheGoodWife
  • @kentuckybelle Oh boy. This is gonna be goooood. 😉 #TheGoodWife
  • @hiltsLibbyRAWR that episode of #TheGoodWife was SO good!!! I am LOVING this season!!!!
  • @janatude Haunting last image! Will Alicia regret this? #thegoodwife
  • @RyanCBrinson #TheGoodWife was a masterpiece tonight. #ILoveTV

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