‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “The Consultant”

You know what was pleasantly surprising about this week’s episode of Fringe? I didn’t weep through the entire episode! Sure there was some intermittent sobbing, but it was punctuated by some heartfelt moments of almost-joy, and even the occasional instance of laughter. Once again Fringe proved its ability to make us feel ALL THE FEELINGS, which was an impressive feat, considering that after last week’s episode I was pretty convinced that I was no longer capable of feeling anything but crippling sadness. But “The Consultant” was filled with moments of bittersweet joy, amusement, fear, anger, nausea, sexual tension, and a lot of confusion in addition to the profound sadness at the center of things. Plus, more fun food symbolism! First toast, then bacon, and now eggs? This show is so good at combining my two favorite things: metaphors and breakfast food! Let’s get to it then. Unfortunately, things started off on a devastatingly sad note…

Without getting into it too much, lest I short-circuit my computer with all my tears, Altlivia promised AltLincoln’s parents that she would find the mole whose betrayal had led to AltLincoln’s death. And we all know how determined Altlivia gets when she sets her mind to something. She’ll stop at nothing to accomplish her mission, even if that means having unprotected sex and carrying a life-threatening pregnancy to term. Luckily, finding the mole didn’t require such drastic measures. But it did involve a cozy ride in a glass elevator thingy for Altlivia and Lincoln. But I’m getting ahead of myself… First, Altlivia tried to get Meana to give up the mole, but she was being super unreasonable, so the two fiery redheads had a good old-fashioned sass-off.

Meana wasn’t about to spill the beans about Jones’ mole, but she’d only been in that ugly jumpsuit for like five days or so. Give her some time to stew. She also said something incredibly ominous about worse things yet to come or raining toads or something, but whatever, no one listens to her anyway. Besides, way more interesting things were happening elsewhere.

Fun fact: 90% of all anti-gravity related deaths occur in the workplace. Another fun fact: I just made that up. Still, it was exciting to see Douchey McDoucherson get smited (smoten? Smitten? What’s the past participle of “smite”?) by the “hand of God,” as Walter put it. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that even when a guy dies in the conference room of an office building, the cause of death is still somehow a plane crash? Because this is a J.J. Abrams show, and there is ALWAYS a plane crash.

Walter & Astrid showed up on the scene, miraculously unscathed despite Astrid’s “daredevil” driving.

Seriously. LOOK AT THEIR FACES. I don’t think I’ve ever seen three people with more suggestive facial expressions. Peter and Olivia seem so happy to finally be together again that they don’t even mind Walter’s mildly creepy assumptions about their after-work activities. I feel like Walter is the embodiment of the Polivia fandom—he gushes about them to everyone, and he can’t look at them without smiling ridiculously. It’s almost like he’s more invested in their relationship than they are… And I love it. But about that corpse…

So the moral of the story is, don’t be a complete a–hole to your employees, or you’ll die a painful and unexplainable death. And then a crazy scientist will grope your corpse. Also, Walter arrived at the conclusion that these deaths had to do with the Altverse. Hooray for inter-universe cooperation! Except for the part where I’ll never be able to think about the Altverse without crying because WHY LINCOLN WHY??? Sorry, back to the matter at hand…

Walter went along with Lincoln and Altlivia for a fun field trip to the Altverse to check out some dead bodies for an exciting compare and contrast experiment. Despite his complicated history with Altlivia, Walter offered his condolences on the death of AltLincoln (*SOBS*) and mentioned that he wanted to bring a casserole, but they wouldn’t let him transport perishables across the bridge between the worlds. Frankly, I would think Walter’s idea of a sympathy gift would be an Edible Arrangement of Red Vines or something. But it’s the thought that counts.

Was I the only one hoping that Walter was going to reanimate the hand and keep it as a pet like Thing from The Addams Family? Because if there’s one thing Fringe is missing, it’s a sentient disembodied hand that scurries around and plays the piano. Also, more musical numbers. (Preferably ones not played by corpses attached to tuning forks.)

Walter deduced that Jones was messing with the vibrational frequencies of things and causing general mayhem, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. But even sociopaths have those little things that make them human. For Jones, apparently that thing is his weakness for tea.

I was really amused by Jones’ hipster glasses-wearing lackey. He looked like a Rainn Wilson’s Swedish cousin. Jones decided to pay a visit to his friend reluctant co-conspirator AltBroyles at his home. It was like that movie Houseguest with Sinbad, but way less funny.

Okay, I take back all that bad stuff I said about AltBroyles (except I’m still mad he couldn’t find a way to avoid AltLincoln getting killed). I’d forgotten all about his sick son from the original timeline, but Fringe is all about fathers doing morally reprehensible things in order to save their sons, so I guess we can’t be too angry with AltBroyles.

Per Jones’ request, Rainn Wilson’s Swedish cousin was causing all kinds of trouble with his fancy Amphilicite contraption, which he left in an unsuspecting taxicab. Speaking of which, when can we expect to see Henry the cab driver/midwife again?

Well that’s awkward. I mean, we all knew that keeping domesticated badgers as pets was a potentially deadly mistake, but who would have guessed that Becky the Future Victim would bite the dust quite so dramatically?

Oh, The Finder… You make such a great lead-in for Fringe. Except not at all. Back at HQ, Walter was frustrated with their lack of progress on the case, and he took out his anger on AltBroyles and all the inadequate mattresses of the Altverse.

How sweet! Altlivia and Walter got to have some fun sleepover bonding time. Poor Lincoln was probably thinking, “Um, I’ve been having trouble sleeping too…?” Maybe next time, Linc.

I was surprised by this scene for so many reasons, the biggest one being the fact that it actually existed. Walter and Altlivia haven’t always gotten along, but when she was at her lowest, Walter was there for her to help her work through the case and make her magic hangover eggs. Which leads us to exhibit C in the “Breakfast Foods Hold the Key to Meaning of Life” theory. Toast and bacon have both been important symbols in past episodes of Fringe, and now eggs were a crucial factor in the blossoming of Walter and Altlivia’s relationship, as well as the realization that Broyles was the mole. So there you have it. Toast represents the strength to face your destiny, even if it means death. (But mostly toast is just a symbol of Olivia’s BAMFness.) Bacon is a transformative tool of self-discovery. And scrambled eggs (or “nature’s sponge,” as Walter refers to them) are a manifestation of cooperation between former enemies in the pursuit of a common goal. Tune in next week to discover the hidden meaning of pancakes and the secret power of Toaster Strudel!

After her magic egg-induced epiphany about Broyles, Altlivia went to confront Meana and put her theory to the test.

AltBroyles was having some serious personal reflection time while trying to decide what to do. It was hard to tell though, since his facial expression never changed. But I think we can assume he was deep in thought.

Way to go, AltBroyles. I knew you could do it! Actually, I totally thought you were evil up until, like, twenty minutes ago. But congratulations on turning over a new leaf. In other new developments, Walter and Altlivia shared a sweet goodbye.

After returning to the Bluniverse, Walter made an unsettling discovery about Jones’ Master Plan, so he called up Peter and Olivia and called them to the lab for a late-night team powwow.

Okay, I know I said I wanted Peter to reboot the timeline again after AltLincoln died (and I stand by that), but that doesn’t mean I want Jones to destroy both universes. That just seems mean and, frankly, overkill. Come on, Jones. You couldn’t come up with anything better than that? Also, is Meana starting to remind anyone else of Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter? And Jones is her Voldemort? Well, I’m off to make some midnight eggs to go with my metaphorical bacon and toast. Leave a comment below, or tweet us about Fringe, Harry Potter, ThunderCats, breakfast food, or anything else you think is relevant.

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading!



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  1. Oh Louise you’re AWESOME!!!! I loved it!!!!

  2. brilliantly funny! I always look forward to these! they make my week!

  3. Pancakes are family love, of course. See Peter’s dream in “Back to Where You’ve Never Been”.

  4. Amazingly done once again! Is it bad to say that I look forward to these almost as much as the show? lol

  5. My english is terrible, but still I can enjoy myself a lot here. Congrats.

  6. I love it, as usual! the food metaphors are the best!

  7. Hair of a Charlie’s Angel! Sweet! Love it all.

  8. VAGENDA!!!!!!!! priceless!!!!! great job. always lookin forward for your recaps 🙂

  9. That was literally my exact reaction to the end of the episode. Good job!

    my favorite wwas Meana and her taco 😀

  11. OH MY GOD I just found this ahahah. This is great! I can’t wait to see more
    lol @ Nina asking Olivia if she brought her a Dorito taco

  12. God I love these. Thanks for another week of laughs, this one was fantastic! 😀 (Also, I believe the past tense of smite is “smote”.)

  13. These photo recaps are just another reason they can’t cancel Fringe! Love your humor!

  14. These things always make me smile like crazy, and after reading fanfic about last night’s episode and having some leakage from the eyes in the form of tears…..this was the laughter I needed. I’m really looking forward to one from last night’s episode though!

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