TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 7×21 “Now We’re Even”

Check out what fans had to say about Monday’s episode.

  • @delysfang Aw poor Barney ❤ But it’s a little too obvious that he’s in love with Quinn now, hm… IDK what to think… #himym
  • @laur_zee you just lost 5 points for sass #himym
  • @Bazinga_Boy Now we’re even! #HIMYM Ok, it wasn’t boring! But why Barney’s turning into not-barney!
  • @Ben_Oehler Okay, #HIMYM, please let the rest of the season actually move the plot along. This is getting kind of old.
  • @SoundDsnrBecca I enjoyed the episode but would have liked to see a little bit more coverage of Robins recovery from the event. #HIMYM
  • @britt_anylynn last 2 episodes have restored my faith in #himym and its writers. Excellent episode tonight.
  • @BuhCheery New #HIMYM felt like a filler like last episode but it threw in some decent character development near the end
  • @DammelHead Nothing new learned on #HIMYM. We know it’s Barney getting married, and with only 3 eps of the season to go, it can’t not be Quinn.
  • @ivannehisoler Lily’s face turned vermilion! Haha! Oh, how I love that color!#HIMYM
  • @metschick Tonight’s episode of #HIMYM was pretty boring.
  • @mcgoorty003 Satisfying #HIMYM episode.
  • @CheyBay87 Frankenstein and the teacup from beauty & the beast lmfao!!!!!#HowIMetYourMother #HIMYM
  • @BradyFitzBoogie Tonight was the best #HIMYM in a while
  • @peytonritchie I hate Quinn… Go away… I want Robin and Barney together…#HIMYM
  • @Bilal_Mian The #HIMYM writers are doing a fantastic job this season. Everyone’s finally growing up and it feels natural.

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