‘Fringe’ as ‘Star Wars’

Happy Fringe Friday everyone! Since I had so much fun dressing the cast up as the Wizard of Oz crew last week, I figured I’d try putting a Fringe spin on one of the most beloved sci-fi legacies of all time: Star Wars! Because the world could always use more Fringe crossover fun and I have no life. Let’s do a quick character rundown of who’s who…

Lincoln = Luke: Okay, this isn’t the perfect match-up because Luke is kind of the main guy in Star Wars, and Lincoln wasn’t even in the first two seasons of Fringe… But the kind of dweeby/whiny guy who embarks on his Great Destiny aspect holds true for both of them. Also, with Olivia as Leia, the whole initial-flirtation-followed-by-the-sudden-evaporation-of-any-sexual-tension thing works, too. Luke and Linc may not get the girl in the end, but at least they found themselves along the way.

Olivia = Leia: Princess Leia might be a little sassier than our Olivia, but they’re both kickass heroines who know how to use a gun (or a blaster). Another thing they have in common is a shared attraction to (semi-)reformed loner bad boys. Remember when Leia went undercover as a bounty hunter to free Han from Jabba’s palace? Does that remind you a little bit of Olivia’s mission to the Altverse to bring Peter back? Which leads us to…

Peter = Han Solo: Peter’s past mirrors that of Han Solo. When we first met Peter, he was involved with some shady business dealings in Iraq, with no desire to come home and babysit his mentally unstable father. Han Solo was similarly unattached and busy instigating bar fights when he was recruited to pilot the rescue mission to save Princess Leia, which he only agreed to do for the money. Like Han, Peter started off as a lone wolf with no desire to get wrapped up in some kind of “team” or family unit, but somewhere along the way, they became one anyway. Peter and Han were both reluctant heroes who somehow got the girl, despite calling her by condescending nicknames upon their first encounter.

Walter = Obi-Wan Kenobi: When we first met Walter, he was Olivia’s only hope in saving her partner John Scott, much like Obi-Wan was Leia’s “only hope” in saving her planet. Both Walter and Obi-Wan are wise and incredibly gifted father figures. Let’s just hope Walter doesn’t meet the same fate as Obi-Wan did in the end.

Walternate = Darth Vader: This one would be pretty perfect if Peter was Luke, because the daddy issues are so similar. Like Luke discovering that Vader was his father, Peter realized late in life that his birth father was actually the evil Walternate. In the other timeline, Walternate did some pretty mean things to Peter (although he never cut off his hand with a lightsaber), but these days Walternate seems to be leaning more towards the side of good.

The Observer = Yoda: They’re both bald, and they’re both full of wisdom, but they’re so cryptic about it that it ends up being more frustrating than helpful.

Astrid = C-3PO: Astrid is definitely calmer than C-3PO, but they’re both crucial members of the team who help with all kinds of technical issues, and sometimes they’re taken for granted.

Gene = Chewbacca: Alright, so Gene is probably more like that Tauntaun that Luke killed and used as a sleeping bag in Empire Strikes Back, but I think she deserves better (though, probably not as good as Chewie who was actually a sentient being). Realistically, Lincoln is more like Chewbacca, especially since they’re both so good at chess, but for now, let’s just say that Gene’s unintelligible “moo”s are really Wookiee speak for “Is it Grazing Day yet?”

What do you say, Fringe fans? Is David Robert Jones the perfect Palpatine? They’re both super ugly and evil. Who does that make Meana? What about Broyles? (Am I the only one who thinks Broyles and Admiral Ackbar have a somewhat similar demeanor?) Leave your comments below, and don’t forget to watch an all-new Fringe tonight at 9 on Fox! Thanks for reading!



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  1. Hello. I’m a big fan of Star Wars since 1984, I love science fiction in general, both in the literature (Asimov’s in particular), both film (Blade Runner, A Space Odyssey and many other films). I love Fringe madness and I’ve often found some similarities between the characters but its not yours do not see them. Apart from that there are only three characters with which I see similarities between Star Wars and Fringe, but I begin by saying that Han Solo and Peter have in common only the criminal record and the lonely side, but otherwise they are totally different, Han is not a man to forgive, not a man to believe in peace. Peter is more like that Luke is not just a good boy, many have made ​​the idea absurd only because they saw that his father eventually forgives and forgets that he was close to the dark side many times. Leia and Olivia do not look alike at all, Leia gets some painful past of Olivia who has spent hell and came out the winner. I love Leia, but just do not see it as a comparison. Olivia is more like Eowin by the lord of the rings or Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. Walter and Obi-Wan: both lie, both have regrets, but I know that Obi-Wan ever made crazy gestures of love for someone and I am not aware it was a criminal because of the fact that it was Walter. I love you so much Walter, but let’s not forget her dark past. Walter looks to ensure that Anakin / Vader: Walter has changed for her son Peter. Walternate here so there is the comparison with Vader, he changed to Peter although we have no definitive proof for now. September is the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz: Yoda was wrong before is true, but mistakes are different. September finds his humanity thanks to Peter.

  2. I find this hilarious HAHAHHA
    and I don’t care it it doesn’t fit exactly, it’s just for fun and it surely is funny as hell!
    I love you and your imagination HAHAHA
    and I don’t have a life either, so it’s ok lol

  3. “Am I the only one who thinks Broyles and Admiral Ackbar have a somewhat similar demeanor?”

    OMG that killed me. You are too funny! I wish I had found your site ages ago!

    Can’t wait for your recap of last nights ep!!!

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