Quotes of the Week: ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ ’30 Rock,’ & More

Here’s a look at some of this week’s most memorable quotes…

How I Met Your Mother 7×21 “Now We’re Even”

“No, I demolished a box of Froot Loops fully nude.” —Ted, correcting Lily after she claimed he ate an entire box of Froot Loops in his tightey-whiteys

Castle 4×21 “Headhunters”

“That was awesome! Beckett never drives on the sidewalk!” —Castle, on his new daredevil partner Slaughter’s driving

Suburgatory 1×19 “Entering Eden”

“Yakult was living as a gay male dog in East Chatswin.” —Dalia

Cougar Town 3×08 “Ways to Be Wicked”

“Why does this school even have a cougar? Nothing here has anything to do with cougars.” —Sig, on his college’s inexplicable statue of a cougar in the quad (but really it was a hilarious dig at the irrelevant title of the show)

Community 3×16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”

“I used a mnemonic device: ‘Kevin Come Over For Gay Sex.'” —Pierce, on how he remembers the order of taxonomic classifications in Biology

30 Rock 6×18 “Murphy Brown Lied to Us”

“You’re the one who insisted on hiring American engineers. All they teach us now is how to build roller coasters and Survivor challenges.” —KouchTown engineer to Jack

The Vampire Diaries 3×19 “Heart of Darkness”

“Didn’t you find it weird that you made a friend so fast? Have you met you?” —Damon to Jeremy, who had unknowingly befriended an Original while living in Denver


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