Quotes of the Week: ‘Community,’ ‘Cougar Town,’ & More

Chris Parnell guest stars on '30 Rock' as Dr. Spaceman; Professor Kane becomes the default judge on 'Community'; and Schmidt learns an important lesson about mean Russian models (photos courtesy of NBC and Fox)

Here are some of the week’s best lines from all of our favorite shows…

Cougar Town 3×09 “Money Becomes King”

Laurie: “Do you remember my life philosophy?”
Travis: “Don’t get hammered at brunch?”
Laurie: “The one after that…”
Travis: “You gotta shake it till you make it?”
Laurie: “It turns out that one is only really good for dance-offs or cocktails…”

New Girl 1×22 “Tomatoes”

Nadia: “I like his face. I want to punch, punch, punch!”
Schmidt: “Beautiful women… you guys can say just about anything, can’t you?”

Community 3×17 “Basic Lupine Urology”

Lieutenant Colonel Archwood: “Objection—she’s clearly ramping up to something.”
Jeff: “Objection—that’s not a real objection.”
Professor Kane: “Objection—I hate both of you.”

30 Rock 6×19 “Live From Studio 6H”

“Nine out of ten doctors surveyed said, ‘Who is this? Why are you calling so late?’ But the tenth guy was into it.” —Nazi Dr. Spaceman, after polling doctors on the medicinal value of Chattertons cigarettes for pregnant women

Parks and Recreation 4×20 “The Debate”

Donor: “So you do a lot of investing?”
Andy: “We dabble. I recently invested in some shirts at a garage sale. Left those at a Wendy’s on the way home, so… the economy…”


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