‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “Worlds Apart”

Okay, I’ll just come out and say it. I know we’re all thinking it, so let’s put it out there: my new favorite pairing on this show is Peter and plaid. Seriously, how had I never noticed before how amazing he looks in plaid? It goes so well with his rugged Canadian handsomeness. He looks like a scientist who raided a lumberjack’s closet. And how fortunate that we had plenty of plaid to distract us from all the sadness of this week’s episode.

Things that were super sad about this episode:

  1. GOODBYE ALTVERSE WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR EXCESS OF BLIMPS. (Also, it should be noted that I refuse to believe that this is the last we’ll see of the Altverse.)
  2. RIP Timmy the security guard (or do we think he survived that knife to the gut?)
  3. Altlivia’s speech about missing rainbows *tear*

Poor Altlivia… She’s so beautiful and colorful, she is a rainbow! I like to imagine Altlivia and Lincoln living happily ever after in a shiny new world with rainbows and clouds…like two beautiful unicorns in a Lisa Frank picture:

After last week’s glimpse of the future, this episode brought us back to the present, where the team was still facing the problems of today, such as global warming, Kanye and Kim’s budding relationship, and David Robert Jones’ plot to destroy the world.

The world can’t revolve around both of them, you guys! But I’m not gonna be the one to break that to Kim and Kanye. With the combination of their ego-to-brain-cell ratios, it’s no wonder both universes are experiencing simultaneous earthquakes. Also, I love when Walter makes venn diagrams.

Walter explained that the only way to save both universes might be to close the bridge (presumably with Kanye in one universe and Kim in the other), meaning the Altverse would stop healing itself. Oh, and also THEY’D NEVER SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN. And it’s not like when your best friend moves to Colorado and you can still talk to each other every day. There’s no Skyping between universes, ya’ll. Someone needs to invent an inter-universal texting plan, STAT! That way Peter and Lincoln can keep sexting each other even when they’re in different universes. But I’m getting ahead of myself as usual…

All across the worlds, Cortexiphan kids were taking out their childhood trauma on Mother Earth.

And we all know nothing good ever comes from people getting all forehead-veiny…

But I wasn’t worried, because I don’t care how veiny your forehead is, you can’t compete with this:

And since we’re on the subject of wardrobe, guess who showed up looking like he’d just come from a Banana Republic-themed a capella concert on a yacht:

It was really bothering me throughout the entire episode that I couldn’t think of what else I’ve seen David Call (Nick Lane) in, but then I figured it out: he was on Gossip Girl! I mean…what? That show is lame…

Back at the lab, Astrid was showing the team some hilarious YouTube videos footage of one of the earthquake epicenters.

Then Olivia got a call from Lincoln about Nick Lane showing up, which gave Olivia a semi-epiphany about the earthquakes and Jones’ master plan.

How convenient! Now we can take this guy who spent his childhood being experimented on, and use him for more scientific testing! Seriously, this show is so hard on those Cortexiphan kids. The poking and prodding and mild electrocution never ends for them. But when you’re faced with the collapse of both universes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Meanwhile, Altlivia was making a somewhat surprising (and heartbreaking) confession to her blonde alter-ego.

Awww I love Olivia bonding time. I’m glad they don’t hate each other anymore. Everyone has gotten so good at this inter-universal cooperation thing, it seems a shame to have to close the bridge between them… Anyway, back to another LSD-induced mind meld. Remember when that was like, “WOAH!” Now it’s like, “Oh…it must be Friday.”

Another Peter and Lincoln car scene! We haven’t had a good one of those since “Back to Where You’ve Never Been”! What are the odds these two will get their own buddy cop show after Fringe ends? Except their dynamic is much more Nick and Nora than Bad Boys. Anyway, in case you forgot what kind of car they were driving…

So good news/bad news time: they caught Nick Lane, but they didn’t stop the earthquakes. (Whoops.) But we got some fun Peter/Lincoln scenes out of it, so it wasn’t a total waste. Broyles didn’t exactly see it that way though. He asked Walter how long they had until both universes went kablooey.

Seriously, can’t they ever just have a nice relaxing day at Fringe Division? Maybe a company picnic? I guess they had Grazing Day a few weeks ago, so that’s something.

Now that Nick was in custody, he got the privilege of being questioned by Olivia. They should sell shirts that say, “I GOT INTERROGATED BY OLIVIA DUNHAM AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS STUPID T-SHIRT.” Somebody get on that.

Oh, Nicky boy… Come on now. Don’t be that guy… You know, the Guy Who Gets Misled by the Villain So He Thinks He’s Doing the Right Thing. These former Cortexiphan kids should really communicate more so they can all stay in the loop. Don’t they have a newsletter or a phone tree or something? Sigh…

Back to more important matters, like Peter and Lincoln’s explosive chemistry.

I’m sorry, I know a lot of you are tired of my delusional Pecoln scenarios, but COME ON. This episode was ripe with suggestive Peter/Lincoln moments. I’ll stop implying that they’re secret lovers when they stop having obvious sexual tension.

Apparently the electricity between Peter and Lincoln jump-started the watch Peter was working on, because it started counting down to the next rash of earthquakes. Luckily Olivia was able to use her trademark combination of doe-eyed sympathy and “I could kill you with my pinky” intimidation tactics (she’s Good Cop and Bad Cop all rolled up in one!) to get Nick to tell them about a creepy warehouse where he’d met Jones once before. But first he told us a heartbreaking story about his sister committing suicide due to his own “reverse impacted” suicidal thoughts. Wow, even I wanted to give him a hug after that. But there’s no need to take it out on Timmy.

They all packed into their Nissan SUV and headed off to the warehouse to see if Jones was still there after that one time Nick met him there…? I don’t get it either, okay guys. It doesn’t matter why they were there; what matters is that Peter was still wearing his awesome plaid coat.

The Fringe team and a dozen of their gun-toting, helmet-clad best friends swarmed the warehouse, only to find pretty much nothing interesting at all.

While all the heavily-armed FBI agents were investigating the abandoned warehouse, poor Timmy (who’s been a stalwart bodyguard since the first episode of this season) was left alone in the car with an emotionally unstable prisoner with super powers.

I’m not gonna lie, if there was one song that would make me want to stab myself, it would be “Hotel California.” I can’t believe they left poor Timmy out there by himself. Olivia finally started to put the pieces together when they came out to find Timmy bleeding in the car.

Dammit, Nick! I knew you would turn out to be a creep… just like you were on Gossip Girl! Now there’s apparently no other option left but closing the bridge. I’d say this was the saddest news we’ve heard this season, but we all know that’s not true. And that says something about how devastating this season has been…but it has also been awesome. That’s the thing about this show: it breaks your heart on a weekly basis, but it makes you like it. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of masochism, but whatever, this show is amazing.

Wow, props to Peter. If I were him, I don’t think I would be willing to get anywhere near that machine again after all the work I’d put into rebuilding my life here. Walter apparently thought the same thing. He was afraid when they turned off the Machine that Peter would disappear again, and THEN what would we do for season 5? But first, a touching moment between the Walters.

How epic was that John Noble on John Noble acting? I’m so glad the Walters got to have that moment together before the bridge closed. Then we had to deal with possibly the saddest goodbye of all, Peter and Lincoln… I CAN’T YOU GUYS. THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH. And of course I imagined Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)” playing in the background of this whole final scene.

*Cue sobbing*

And sure enough, Lincoln decided to cross over and live in the Altverse with his new lady friend!

WHY DOES THIS SHOW KEEP DOING THIS TO ME??? Damn you fictional characters and my emotional attachment to you. Why can’t I just be a normal person who doesn’t get overly invested in television shows? Oh well… If Fringe fans were anything close to “normal,” we wouldn’t have gotten a fifth season. So take that, social expectations of normalcy! I really am devastated at the thought of never seeing the Altverse characters (and Lincoln) again. They’ve become such a huge part of the Fringe world, I can’t imagine the show without them. I know it’s a lot to ask, since we just got renewed and all, but please, please, please let us see the Altverse peeps one more time before Fringe ends. And preferably AltLincoln. And Charlie. And Sam Weiss. Okay, you know what, writers? I’ll send you a wish list. How does that sound? In the meantime, let’s continue to bask in the glory of our miraculous renewal and try not to think about the fact that we may never get to watch Lincoln eat bacon again—at least not until the season 4 DVD comes out.

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thanks for reading!


*All images are copyright of FOX Broadcasting


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  1. AWESOMELY done AS ALWAYS! 🙂 I think I will miss your recaps as much as the show when it is time for them to depart from us…IT WILL BE THE SADDEST DAY OF MY LIFE! 😥

  2. loved the recap Louise!! good work cant wait for next week!

  3. Brilliant as usual! Only 2 eps and recaps to go this season…it is going to be a long summer!

  4. look forward to reading these each week its like Fringe the lighter side…really going to miss the Peter/Linc loveaffair.
    They really should have got a cabin together in Vermont and just hung out by the fireplace one last time b4 the bridge closed!! 😦

  5. I love ‘sure thing, Rainbow’. I hope we get to keep visiting the redverse in season 5.

  6. No more Pecoln??! Ç__Ç

  7. Your version of Broyles is my fave this time. I loved it and I just know we’ll be back on The Other Side eventually. Bambi, I will find you!

  8. :I John Noble is Australian not Canadian, so that’s rugged Australian handsomeness, thank you very much!

    • The rugged Canadian handsomeness was directed towards Joshua Jackson who is *indeed* Canadian, although granted John Noble is also handsome 😉

  9. FringifiedWhovian

    I think Nick had “reverse empathic” powers, not “reverse impacted.”

  10. … the Nick Lane that is hooked up to the wires n stuff is AltNick Lane, so he prolly wasn’t experimented on as a child.

    But this is one of your best recaps! Scientist raiding a lumberjacks closet= pure sexiness! And “Dear Emmys, Are you watching this?” Love it!
    Also, the plethora of candy metaphors. Candy Land meets Fringe!

  11. Laughing at a lot at this! Like the how many licks to pop till u get to he center?, unicorn, and the venn diagrams!

  12. One of my favorite parts of this stellar recap? “Can you believe how spacious this Nissan is?” Seriously had me LOLing. 🙂

  13. what an awesome and funny recap! Thanks! I’d also like to say – DARK WILLOW ❤ 😀

  14. Hey louise, awesome, awesome photo recaps. Fringe is an awesome show and you making the hilarious photo recaps just makes things much more awesome. Thank you. But it would be more awesome if you could do the same photo recaps for seasons 1, 2 and 3 (and the rest of s4). Pretty please? 😉

    P.S. Pilot photo recap was awesome as well. Square jaw LOLZ.

  15. Somebody find a Ouija board, because this just killed me. I bow down to your awesome.

  16. “Sure thing, Rainbow”
    Louise, you just made me tear up!

  17. Fringe fans? normal? LOL NO. we’re anything but normal. I’m super emotionally invested too, so no need to worry, completely normal for a Fringie. and I loved the recap, as usual. it’s hilarious. ❤

  18. Insanely perfect, just like always 😀 My favs were the Nissan product placements and Astrid showing them the keyboard cat x’DDD
    But seriously, now. All their faces during that scene were like ‘watching hilarious YouTube videos’, FOR REAL! xD

  19. Fantastic recap, as usual. So many feelings with this episode, including a newfound appreciation for plaid. Still in denial that the altverse is no longer accessible. Surely the power of Pecoln’s love can reopen the bridge after DRJ is gone.

    BTW, “Hotel California” makes me a little stabby, too.

  20. I have a request…when Fringe ends for this season, could you maybe go back and recap older episodes like you did with the pilot? I love these recaps as much as the show!<3

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