Avengers: A Winning Moment for All

Avengers was a wonderful end to an amazing Star Wars Day. I came out of the theater feeling like I had just witnessed something special, and no, I am not talking about the film. The film was fantastic and highly recommend you see it, but my favorite moment of the experience was when the story ended and the credits rolled as the audience clapped. I sat there in the dark movie theater emotional and teary eyed, because I realized this was the moment I’ve been waiting for years as a Whedonite.

I am neither an avid comic book reader nor a Marvel super fan, but what drew me to see Avengers opening day was writer and director, Joss Whedon.  This is the man who made me believe in the power of television. He tells epic stories with a brilliant balance of drama and comedy, and is not afraid experiment with the medium (he wrote an entire episode with almost no dialogue!). He is so great that I must reiterate the title Louise has bestowed upon him: “Sir Joss Whedon” (he’s earned it).

I have been a Whedon fan for years, and sometimes saying that brings me more heartache than glee. Many fans can tell you it has not been an easy journey. We have witnessed Fox release Firefly out of order and cancel Dollhouse. We have waited patiently for three years for The Cabin in the Woods to be released, and we have mourned the demise of the Wonder Woman movie that never reached production. It has been devastating to see the studios and the public not fully understand Whedon’s brilliance. For years, I have tried to spread the gospel of how talented he is, but I felt like I failed him every time one of his projects died. It was this struggle that made the ending of Avengers so fulfilling. I knew things had changed when a non-Whedon friend turned to the group I was with and asked excitedly, “Can we see it again?” The world was finally believing in the man I have followed for years and never underestimated. I felt as if all the struggles the fans have endured were validated at that moment. My eyes welled with tears as I saw his name grace the screen and as I heard the audience applaud in approval. I thought to myself, “They finally see it.” They have discovered the world he can create, and it was a winning moment for all – the masses, Sir Joss Whedon, and everyone who has fought to keep his signal alive.



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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Dr. Horrible’s Sing along blog, it’s another one of those Whedon projects that just blow you out of the room with awesome storyline and brilliant music. But yes, I’m so happy for Joss Whedon, as well as marvel franchise (I’m a huge comic book nerd & especially love Marvel) as this was a perfect match for both!!! So excited for his future shows/movies.

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