TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×23 “Always”

The Castle season finale left many fans emotional wrecks. Read their tweets below.

  • @reallysharrie Out of all the cliff hangers in TV history #castle had the best one I can’t wait til season 5 come on September such a long wait
  • @demi_demdem Just so everyone is aware, I’m metaphorically dead until the season#Castle premiere this fall.
  • @ali_lauren14 OMFGGGGG #Caskett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Castle
  • @Alleyphile ok, I will try to stop the flailing over #castle its gonna be hard, though
  • @amandagaelic Now THAT’S a finale. #castle was completely awesome.
  • @JonnieU Tonights season finale of #Castle was EPIC man!!
  • @mmm_dimon in general, a complete removal of the brain!) #Castle the best. Season 5 is obliged to see the light and us!))
  • @nemo_fishonfire Even though I’m super happy Caskett is FINALLY together, I’m uber sad because now I have to wait till September for season 5. /:#Castle
  • @heyjude423 Have to give it to my niece @emilyelizab3th when I was bummed Kate didn’t say I love you. She said “I think she did in her own way.”#Castle
  • @AnjuliVelazquez Omg, #Castle finale was greatness!
  • @isabel_reyes #Castle finale – now THAT’S how u shut the front door
  • @iamverucasalt onight’s #Castle….OMG…I squee’d SO hard!
  • @wordforteens Thinking about it, and I still can’t find a single flaw with the #Castleseason finale. Mad props, @AndrewWMarlowe, mad props.
  • @GApeachinNE I freaking love #castle. Always great season finales and this one did not disappoint. Ahhhh. This one really got me
  • @valmercier11 She didn’t say “I love you”, but honestly, it’s all okay in my world.#Castle #Always
  • @TinaCharlesTV Um…the #Castle season 4 finale was absolutely everything that I had hoped for. It validated every reason why I love this show.
  • @teamrippah so many feelings during tonight’s #castle. i cried like three times, ngl.
  • @jenwined Best. Ever. So Far…. #Castle
  • @KaosChic84 As much as I liked the ending of #castle usually once this happens the show will never be as good. The tension keeps it interesting.
  • @Castanatic My heart skipped a bit when he kissed her chest! So hot! #Castle
  • @stephupurlyf When the #Castle finale finally happened, I didn’t believe it. I thought Castle was dreaming for sure. Satisfied and annoyed all at once now
  • @LaverneTX Wow! Talk about an amazing #Castle tonight. Took my breath away! Plus, the new “bad guy” is one of my faces as well. Yummy!
  • @divinathursday #CASTLE I HAVE SO MANY FEELS
  • @Or_Lee_Kaider I think @MollyQuinn93 lines were the best she ever had on #Castle. Great Job!
  • @jawajohnny Can they just give @NathanFillion the Emmy now? Seriously. #Castle

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