TV Twitter Reactions: The Vampire Diaries 3×22 “The Departed”

It was a shocking finale to Season 3. Read the reactions from fans.

  • @ginbell #TVD Need Writers who are not Fan Girls /Boys Some one who Can Tell A Great Story with the Whole Cast some one like Joss whedon
  • @emiilydee Unreaaal episode of #TVD. Is it time for season 4 yet?
  • @smReve Woah. That was like a double twist. #plotplotplotplot #TVD
  • @LeonieJaineDale wish i wasn’t crying like a baby!! #TVD
  • @xxxCrazy4TVxxx This is the worst episode EVER!!! #TVD
  • @zombieofleon ohh gosh! Honestly, this was my least favorite season of #TVD with the most intense ending!
  • @Chelsea_Clark26 Well played #TVD well played!!
  • @MaikRip OMG ! I’m Confused 😐 #TVD
  • @alexcustods The amount of times I said “oh my gosh” throughout this episode is insane #best #tvd
  • @EmilyxMiller best episode, by far. #tvd
  • @LauraChagn #TVD Still traumatized
  • @livanddream2015 I have no words for the season finale of #TVD.
  • @WaywardxLove Finally watched the #TVD finale. Talk about intense, biggest cliffhanger ever. I cried during the whole thing pretty much. Jeeze.
  • @CrystalLuvSykes that was the most emotionally invested episode of a tv show i have ever watched. #TVD
  • @tooFacetious #TVD is making me crazy
  • @KylieDAndrea #TVD was pretty epic. #emotional
  • @anamacapobre One does not simply watch #TVD.. they also get their emotions toyed around

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