TV Twitter Reactions: Fringe 4×22 “Brave New World, Part 2”

The Fringe fandom was thoroughly amazed with the Season 4 finale.

  • @katiekschubert Super powered Olivia! #fringe#buildabetterworld
  • @callmemrwayne “Olivia Dunham” will heretofore be the phrase I use in lieu of “badass.” #Fringe
  • @Godflash2012 Things are makin sense #fringe
  • @BubbaAtkins Olivia has activated beast mode. #fringe#buildabetterworld
  • @amywainwright Omg, is this zombie resurrection? I love where this is all going.#fringe
  • @Elegantly_Chic Olivia is the new Neo. It is DONE! #Fringe
  • @PennBarbie Olivia just amped her power by 1000 decimals. Is she related to the Observer? #fringe is one awesome show
  • @nolatari OMG! She’s Olive-Wan Kenobi! #FRINGE finale
  • @PwoperKeth Olivia is so badass, she can catch bullets and throw em back.#Fringe#BuildABetterWorld
  • @HOTMAMATEE Olivia went Matrix on her! LOL #Fringe
  • @JacobiteRose So… Maybe the observers are related to Olivia and Peter?#BuildABetterWorld#Fringe
  • @jimbednarz WHAT THE?!?!?!? DID YOU?!?!?!?! CAN YOU?!?!?!? #Fringe
  • @babalonga I have been clapping non stop for Olivia’s awesomeness!#BuildABetterWorld#fringe
  • @MariaIreland My stomach is still in knots after seeing#BuildABetterWorld ,well done #Fringe team 🙂
  • @jmimi Jedi mind trick! #BuildABetterWorld
  • @mdukett why is September stuck? Is Astrid alive? oh the questions are burning #BuildABetterWorld
  • @BrandonSalmon I knew Olivia was going to say that at the end… Good finale, ending sets up next season pretty well.. #Fringe #BuildABetterWorld
  • @F2Az INSANE. I CAN’T BELIEVE BELL’S HUBRIS!!!!!!!!!!#BuildABetterWorld
  • @Fringeship If I love this show any more, I will combust spontaneously. Fringe.#BuildABetterWorld
  • @Sara_Newell Holy crap! Olivia is a superhero!! #BuildABetterWorld
  • @meetDANIELLA The moment when your most favorite television show EVER disappoints you at a time when it should have blown you away. =(#Fringe
  • @polivias I actually feel like I can just BREATHE again.

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