‘FRINGE’ Photo Recap: “Brave New World – Part 2”

Physically, I may be sitting in a hotel room typing this on my laptop while listening to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, but mentally and spiritually I’m still dancing in an imaginary conga line with the rest of the Fringe fandom because THAT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER. (I know I say that a lot, but I think you know that this time I’m not exaggerating.) The season finale of Fringe was wondrous, magnificent, and all the other synonyms that are listed under “awesome” in the thesaurus. (I’m too lazy to type them all here.) It reminded me of this book I once read, where this guy had to save the world by dying and coming back to life, and this other guy built a huge boat for him and a bunch of animals to live on, and this other guy had a magical technicolor pea dream coat. That’s right, ya’ll. I’m talking about the Bible. This season was like one big long walk through the Old Testament, and the final episode marked the transition to the New Testament with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, AKA Olivia Dunham.

If you had asked me back in season one what the perfect finale episode would be, I probably would have described exactly what happened in “Brave New World, Part 2”: the whole team together, smiling and eating Red Vines, and Peter and Olivia HAVING A BABY TOGETHER. Of course, now that I’ve seen all the magical things Fringe has to offer, I would have to amend that vision to include Lincoln Lee (shirtless of course), Henry the cab driver, a musical number, Broyles on LSD, and AltLincoln and Altlivia riding a horse together in the background. (What can I say? I dream big.) But this finale was damn near perfect. And it certainly had more closure that I’m used to in my Fringe finales. Let’s get this party started!

Bell gave Walter a sneak peak of his magical world of flying porcupines and dino-panthers, all of which actually looked kind of lame to me. I mean, if you’re going to create a new world, wouldn’t you add, like, a Skittles tree, or at least a lake of chocolate milk or something? But whatever, no one asked me.

All aboard the crazy train! I remember back when Bell was still kind of a fun, rabble-rousing figure of vague malevolence. Like when he possessed Olivia, and we were all just like, “Bell, you old rapscallion, you…” Well, this version of Bell has crossed the line into the “Straight-Up Crazy” division of evil. At least he had the semi-decency to move Astrid’s bleeding body somewhere else and stick a sign on her that said “HOSPITAL OR BUST.”

Peter and Olivia went back to the lab to tell everyone all about Olivia’s awesome new skills, but nobody was there.

Guess who’s back! It’s Charlotte/Jessica (Rebecca Mader)! I knew there was a reason she didn’t die in the last episode. Apparently it was so she could do this:

What is this wizardry?! Runes??? Damn. Somebody’s been doing their homework. Poor September… I hope he at least has his iPhone with him to keep him occupied. Then again, it didn’t look like he was waiting there for long. When Olivia and Peter showed up, this is all they found:

WHAT THE EFF? Not okay, Charlotte. I liked you better when you were having nosebleeds in the jungle. Also, how did Charlotte transport September? First of all, in order to saw up the floor you’d have to be within karate-chopping distance of September. So once you saw up the floor, you, what? Carry an Observer and his accompanying piece of floor to your spacious fuel-efficient Nissan pickup truck? Yeah, I’m sure hundred-pound Charlotte did all that by herself, without getting her eyes clawed out by September. And for the record, yes, I do realize how ridiculous it is for me to single out this detail as being not believable on a show about multiple universes, time travel, and flying porcupine hybrids.

Anyway, at the hospital everyone gathered around Astrid’s bedside for a group prayer of thanks because SHE DIDN’T DIE! (Phew.)

Peter and Olivia headed over to the warehouse where Walter and Astrid had been the night before, with the nice men with the big guns and the Chilean almonds and all that.

Remember last week when I was like, “I can’t believe Charlotte Jessica actually survived the whole episode!” Well, fate came a-calling tonight. Too bad she didn’t stay dead for long. But more importantly, WTF DID OLIVIA JUST DO? I DON’T KNOW BUT IT WAS AWESOME. What can’t Olivia do?

September realized he was late for a very important date with Past Olivia, and as we later found out, an appointment with Future Walter as well. But let’s be honest, he probably popped over to Six Flags for one last hurrah before hitting up Olivia to tell her she was going to die. Of course, he could have also told her that she would come back to life. But where’s the fun in that?

On the one hand, yay for Charlotte being dead. On the other hand, she was their only lead on Walter’s whereabouts. Good thing interrogating dead people is a totally normal thing on this show.

Charlotte’s reanimated corpse was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen on this show. And that’s saying a lot for a show that regularly shows brains outside of their natural habitat (inside a head). Her weird twitching and eye bugging-out was super disturbing. Especially since her creepy baby talk about her mummy and her bicycle was so much like her final days on Lost when the time jumps had eroded her brain. Is Rebecca Mader destined to be typecast as the unlikable redhead who lapses into insanity and eventually dies? Sucks for her.

After deciphering Charlotte’s crazy babbling, they deduced that Walter was—wait for it… ON A BOAT! It looks like Bell is sticking with his Battleship theme from last week. Let’s get Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna up in here to sink that sucker.

Woah there, Belly boy… How about you dial back that ego just a tick? No? Okay fine.

Another unfortunate side effect of his Furby-filled new world is that he wants to use Olivia’s power to charge his universe-colliding master plan. Olivia was understandably perturbed to discover this fact. This girl can’t catch a break. And if people knew she could absorb heat and stop bullets and control other people’s bodies, next thing you know, everybody would be like, “Will you be my personal bodyguard?”, “Can you make my ex-boyfriend punch himself in the face?”,  “Would you cool off my soup?” The work would never end. Lucky for Olivia, she has an amazing boyfriend who is always there for her when she’s scared about her role in some villain’s evil plan.

Back at HQ, this guy finally got to have his moment of glory as he announced to Broyles that they were all really screwed…

I have to say, there just aren’t enough helicopters on this show. Usually the chosen method of aerial transportation is the signature J.J. Abrams plane which inevitably crashes or endures some other kind of catastrophe, but nothing adds a sense of rugged adventuresomeness like a helicopter ride to save the day. I believe this endeavor also earned Peter and Olivia the “Couples Skydiving Badge.” Bonus points for doing it without parachutes.

It totally worked! Damn they make a great team. It’s unreal. One to see the other side, and one to get them there. THEY COMPLETE EACH OTHER YOU GUYS. Sorry, no time for swooning now (who am I kidding? There is always time for swooning), but we’ll get to more of that later. For now, Peter and Olivia are still only done with phase one of Operation De-Furbification. Walter was still stalling/getting Bell to tell him his entire evil scheme. One tiny flaw in this plan I would point out might be to not leave an extra gun lying around out in the open. Just a thought.

HOLY S#!T YOU GUYS. This was the only moment in my life when I’ve ever found it necessary to use the word  “aghast.” There was a full five seconds where I didn’t make the connection to the regenerative properties of Cortexiphan, and I was just like “!#$%^!&*” Is this a new trend where Olivia dies every finale? Poor Peter has had to watch the love of his life die twice in the past two seasons, and at least once before that. But thankfully this time she came back to life.

PHEW. So I was right—the lemon cake was the key to everything. I knew it! That reminds me, I could really go for some lemon cake…

Anyway, Broyles had a meeting with some D.C. muckety-muck who, for once, was like, “Thanks for saving the world again, pal. Here, have a shiny new title, GENERALY BROYLES.” It was awesome!

Remember that time these two kissed??? Is it possible they’ve been lovers this WHOLE TIME and we just never knew? Except, since this is the rebooted timeline, it could all be different. But you don’t need anything more than the smiles on their faces to know that they’re obviously more than colleagues.

Meanwhile, Peter and Walter were waiting at the hospital to hear from a doctor on Olivia’s condition. That must have been a difficult admission form to fill out. “What is the reason for your visit?” “Well, she was shot in the head, but her brain glued itself together after we spiked the bullet on outta there. But let’s take her blood pressure just to be safe.”


After a long hard day of shooting people and bringing them back to life (not to mention learning that he’s going to be a grandfather), Walter rewarded himself with a well-deserved PB&J sandwich. His late-night snack was interrupted by the sudden appearance of his new best buddy September.

This episode just goes to show you that, in the words of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, “There can be miracles when you believe…” (I told you the Prince of Egypt soundtrack was relevant.) I think we can all agree that the fact that we’re getting a fifth season is a miracle in itself. Even more miraculous is the fact that this season finale didn’t end on a gut-wrenching cliffhanger! I was so prepared to be devastated. Instead I’m just imagining what ridiculous games they’ll pay at the baby shower… ETTA IS ON HER WAY, WORLD! Oh man. What a season. What a ride. THIS SHOW. I can hardly withstand the awesomeness. Thank you, Fringe, for another stellar season. And thank YOU, [your name here], for watching it with me, and, for some reason, being interested enough to read my ludicrous take on the show. Seriously, these recaps have added so much to my Fringe experience, and they wouldn’t be possible without you. I’m so grateful to every single one of you for being so supportive and encouraging and for being the best fans of any show in history. I don’t know about you, but I’ll keep dancing that metaphysical conga line all the way to season five. Until then, I’m planning on doing some photo recaps of past seasons to keep myself busy until Fringe is back on. Starting in June, look for a new old photo recap every week.

As always, thank you to FringeFiles.com for providing the screen caps of this episode, and thanks to TV.com’s brilliant Price Peterson, whose hilarious Vampire Diaries photo recaps were the inspiration for my own. And thank you for reading!


*All images are property of FOX Broadcasting


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  1. Once again, great job on the recap! I will be dancing in that conga line with you, all the way til the end.

  2. Two words to end the whole Ninja vs. Pirates debate: Ninja Pirates! Roaming the oceans in their stealth ships, armed with cutlasses and throwing stars. Taking out all ordinary ninjas and pirates. Fauxlivia would make a great ninja pirate.

    Awesome recap as always. I look forward to them every Monday.

  3. ROFLMAO! YAY! This might be the best one yet. Fringe Photo Recaps on Mondays are like Christmas morning. I am crossing my fingers and hoping you’ll recap some of the older episodes (pretty please?)

  4. Awesomeness yet again! I am sooooooo glad you are going to do recaps of past episodes – that is seriously going to help me get through the summer without Fringe! Yay! Thank you so much!

  5. Unbelievably fantastic awesome-filled episode!!! I couldn’t stop smiling the last 5 min of the episode, it was just too good to be true. For ones they get to be happy (at least for a while) Btw I’m looking forward to June, your recaps are the best!

  6. Again..ABSO FREAKIN LUTELY awesomeness!!!! YOU ROCK Louise!!!

  7. Oh, thank you. That was awesome. The only thing missing is a photo illustration of your perfect finale episode (with Altlincoln and Altiliv on a unicorn!). Amazing as always!

  8. fedorafadares

    I agree — twitching eyes and baby talk will haunt my dreams 5eva. That’s more than 4.

  9. Again I enjoyed your photo recaps! Laughed so hard at Olivia being shot in the head and the pic of technical difficulties. Totally my reaction plus slowly figuring out the lemon cake theory! Also the pic of Peter and his pea coat haha

  10. Amazing recap of an incredible episode. My day is made knowing that you’re going to do recaps of past episodes! Will you do them sequentially? I’d like to rewatch the episode before looking at the recap.

  11. I believe I can fly…KERPLUNK
    How I loved that!
    Brilliant, again!

  12. My favorite recap ever. Genius! Pure genius without all the crazy…well maybe a little crazy! 😉 Thank you for the highlight of my week.

  13. YES! I’m so excited for the old episode recaps!

  14. I love your recaps, and I am so glad you’re going to do the old episodes too. It’ll make 22 weeks go by much faster, right? Right?!

  15. I love you, L.

  16. Thank you for a fun look at Fringe…I plan to rewatch all 4 seasons to get thru the summer so I’ll look forward to your reviews about them

  17. this was amazing and hilarious, as ususal! I love you ❤
    I just didn't thought the season was that brilliant. I mean, I did, but then, analysing it, the beginning wasn't that great. of course that, with Peter's return in episode 4, it all went back to it's amazingness ❤

  18. This is AWESOME! So funny, thanks for taking the time and sharing this! I’ll definitely be reading your past posts 😀

  19. Awesome as always L. Anyone notice that Walter was humming/whistling ‘Rock-a-bye baby’ to himself while making his sandwich! Too cute.

  20. ❤ ❤ ❤ These recaps are amazing! It's so rare to find professional-style reviews/ recaps written by someone who is both truly enthusiastic about the show and funny as all get out.

  21. Your humorous anecdotes are flipping hilarious, I was laughing historically in front of my computer. This is the best show ever!!!!!!!!! So glad other people appreciate it. Never thought I’d hear Furby, Battleship, Ginger Skank and a Sandlot reference in a Fringe post.!!! Golden.

  22. I love these photo recaps! Looking forward to any others you may post this summer. 🙂

  23. “I fear I have become the sane one in our relationship”. LOL!
    (Yes, I know I’m like a year late.)

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