TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family 3×23 “Tableau Vivant”


Read the reactions from fans after Wednesday’s episode.

  • @BudDha_PuNk Phil & Mitchell need more scenes together. #modernfamily
  • @DearFellowTwits Lily on #ModernFamily is a-freaking-dorable
  • @mmoser1220 Top 5 funniest #ModernFamily episodes of all time tonight. Absolutely the funniest show on TV.
  • @nickpass90 I now have a crazy #obsession with #modernfamily
  • @boonelostie8 #ModernFamily is only funny when I have some alcohol in me
  • @SofiaRLopez I wanna be like gloria from #ModernFamily when I’m older
  • @bethsharae Watching #ModernFamily I love this show!
  • @Victoria_Lenese #Modernfamily always leaves me in tears!
  • @iHEARTmyKicksz Tonight’s episode of #ModernFamily tho >>>> lmfaoooo n I’m only 5 mins in
  • @sonic43 That was a rather excellent #modernfamily
  • @MattSully5198 Phil Dumphy was so on point in that first scene. #modernfamily
  • @Carley_Bishop Awww #ModernFamily was so good tonight! @SofiaVergara is hilarious!
  • @katieneal #modernfamily = hilarious even by its standards tonight. I smell another Emmy.
  • @SighRN So glad Jay and Gloria are acting like a couple instead of room mates.
  • @ErinBrown88 #ModernFamily was great tonight!!!!
  • @KimLeiter #modernfamily is the funniest show ever .
  • @KLFlocco @AubreyLily was so cute on tonight’s episode of #ModernFamily
  • @carolina_naynay
    #ModernFamily‘s take on Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving Dinner painting was hilarious. Gloria kills me every single time.
  • @hmgflyer I love #modernfamily Am curious but scared to ask what hogwash actually is tho :p
  • @kimannjosouth Just teared up a bunch at the end of this week’s Modern Family. REALLY great episode tonight. I ❤ #ModernFamily!
  • @MzTuga ROTFLMAO!!! #ModernFamily
  • @brianwbeck4 @SofiaVergara has got to be one of the funniest people ever#ModernFamily
  • @Suchasexxy_mom i loooooooove #modernfamily! it was so damm good tonight

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