TV Twitter Reactions: 30 Rock 6×21 “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?”

Fans were entertained by Thursday’s season finale of 30 Rock.

  • @deliriousguy My favorite part of #30Rock‘s finale was Tracy Jordan referring to Dr. Cornel West as Questlove. #hilarious
  • @oneshotoneplace when you watch a show like #30Rock, expectations are raised for other comedy shows
  • @thisisjohnbook The ending of #30Rock was funny.
  • @stevenbadger Jenna Maroney is probably the most underrated character on network television. #30Rock
  • @canyouhandleit What the WHAT?! #30Rock finale was insane!
  • @Terrysboy This Randy newman parody song with Liz and this plant is too much, lol “Planty and Me” #30Rock
  • @analparade if liz lemon has a baby next season I am just going to puke my guts out #30rock
  • @agoobwa #30Rock had a great season finale!
  • @Icburghard 30Rock Fuxin’ SLAYED me
  • @PeteSherriff Is it me or did #30rock just jump a massive shark ? #almostdone
  • @hmauldin The #30Rock finale was crazy funny!
  • @soleilani Tracy Jordan calling Cornel West Questlove made my life. #30Rock
  • @nathannerland I can’t watch #30rock w/o expecting Avery to say “And may the odds be ever in your favorite”
  • @pulmyears Kinda the best #30Rock ever going on over here.
  • @prwelsh #30Rock season finale. Show does not get nearly enough attention. Banks/Baldwin are fabulous.
  • @OfficialKJB The opening of this week’s #30Rock just gave me the best laugh I’ve had all day. I love you, Tina Fey
  • @LargeLocale I wanna see Liz and Kris make this….plant. #30Rock
  • @MeaganGordon Too much good stuff tonight #30Rock . Thank you for your high bar of awesome.
  • @heather_brisson #30Rock season finale!! Wtf am I gonna watch on tv now? Reality television? Yuck.
  • @helenaoftroy HAZEL AND KENNETH. WHAAT OMG. #30Rock
  • @karatO7 Omg am just now watching #30Rock from 4/19 & am crying laughing. Can’t believe this hidden gem has just been sitting there
  • @Karoline140 I love #30Rock. Love the casting, the writing, the guest stars – genius thru&thru. I don’t want it to go away. 😦

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