TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×23 “Homecoming”

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Nikita ended Season 2 with a major death. Read what fans had to say.

  • @NikitaTV Flashback. It’s #Nikita‘s scary eyebrows again!
  • @JordanArcher11 Oh man, #Nikita never fails to surprise and satisfy!!! Season 3 is going to be sweet.
  • @MoofpackAndrew #Nikita season finale was AWESOME. Can’t believe who left the show. Series is criminally under-rated! See you in the fall, Nikita-crew!
  • @ShimSoo Birkoff & Sonya! Yay! Finally! #NerdSquad#NIKITA
  • @I_Ashli If #Nikita hadn’t been renewed, this season finale would have been soo sad…
  • @fefrance Nikita finale was so freaking awesome!! So happy that we will have another season! “Here we go again”. ❤ #nikita
  • @clauita89 I just LOVE #Nikita finales. Everything is laid out so you understand the moves of the season and where it was going. Amazing
  • @R0ckboyHeRe The #NIKITA Finale was one hell of a Finale….It was nice seeing Amanda again wonder what she’s now up to. Can’t wait for S3 in the fall!
  • @TeddySoho The season finale of #Nikita was so epic that it made my head explode.
  • @shannonymoreau The #Nikita season 2 finale was awesome! I’m so happy right now.
  • @aboleyn Okay that #Nikita finale was fun, didn’t crack my top 3 best season finales but very enjoyable.
  • @stellagirl1993 #Nikita was awesome
  • @lunnatic The season finale of #Nikita left me empty with the deaths. It feels exactly like what Michael described to Alex when Sergei Semak died.
  • @KryssClark Whew! That’s a character death I can live with. #Nikita
  • @StellaWam Tonight’s #Nikita was a real game changer and the death of the major character was well done!
  • @poisonportrait #Nikita season finale was fantastic. So glad it’ll be back next season.
  • @machariacw Awesome end to the second season #Nikita! Can’t believe Percy’s gone though
  • @Jetta_Jameson The season finale of #Nikita was fantastic! Cannot wait for its very deserved season 3.
  • @vlad2922 #Nikita wow!!! finale was amazing!! ryan and nikita running division and that birkhoff and sonya kiss!!! rip percy u evil bastard =D
  • @RulerOfEstonia Definitely looking forward to next season of #Nikita. Love how unafraid of changing the status quo they are.
  • @Lyn370 That #Nikita finale was amazing! Didn’t see any of that coming. Season 3 is going to be VERY different. Can’t wait to see how this plays out
  • @NadineZed So that was one EPIC episode of #Nikita!!! I cannot wait for season 3!!!
  • @bagelsvswaffles The #Nikita finale was flawless. I feel so sad for those of you who don’t watch it.
  • @IAMDES_A #Nikita season finale = Major Beastliness!!!!!!!! 😀 It was so good! Twists and turns and ah! So good. Thee cast and crew were amazing.
  • @xLady_Luck oh my god… #Nikita was effing AMAZING. I cannot wait till the 3rd season in September!

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