Why You Should Be Watching ‘Common Law’ on USA

Warren Kole (left) and Michael Ealy (right) in USA’s new buddy cop comedy ‘Common Law’

Because Michael Ealy takes his shirt off.

Oh, I’m sorry—did you need another reason? Okay fine. USA’s latest show about men flirting with each other while solving cases in some sunny locale doesn’t even try to pretend that the two male characters aren’t essentially an old married couple. In fact, sparring police partners Travis (Michael Ealy) and Wes (Warren Kole) have let their bickering affect their work to the point that their supervisor has forced them to attend couples counseling (courtesy of Lost‘s Sonya Walger). They even started off the pilot episode with a quote from Dr. Phil. On behalf of all of Tumblr, thank you, USA.

In the first episode alone we saw one of the two main characters drive a car through a convenience store, Michael Ealy soothe a fussing baby, and an up-close-and-personal trust-building exercise. Also, this quote: “Did you embroider Travis’ name on your new black panties? No? I did.” Well, Wes might not have Travis’ name embroidered on his underwear, but he obviously has it embroidered on his heart. Is it just me, or do Wes and Travis have more sexual tension than any other pair of partners on TV? Actually, I take that back. I forgot about Steve and Danno on Hawaii Five-O.

In general, I’m not a big fan of typical procedural shows. But I am a fan of homoerotic undertones and Michael Ealy’s torso, so I will definitely be watching Common Law. And I highly recommend you do the same!

Common Law airs Friday nights at 10 on USA.



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