Fringe 1×01 “Pilot”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Hey Fringe fans!

You have probably visited this site to read Louise’s hilarious photo recaps. What you may not know is that I am not a Fringe viewer. (I can hear the gasps) Don’t worry. I am changing that this summer, and I will record my reactions as I watch Dunham and the Bishop men solve mind-blowing cases.

I am buckled and ready for an amazing ride.


  • Am I watching Lost? Someone get this dude a vomit bag. He doesn’t look good.
  • Infection! Ew.
  • This motel establishing shot reminds me of the Veronica Mars pilot.
  • Who is this guy shacking up with Olivia Dunham? That “I love you” was quick. I bet this guy is gonna die.
  • Fancy letters establishing location.
  • HAHA. Sure, act like you two aren’t sleeping with each other.
  • Wait, isn’t that the vomit bag guy from the airplane?
  • Dang, Broyles gives out orders like candy on Halloween. “You want in, liaison? Suit up.” I’m gonna like him. Badass.
  • Fancy letters again.
  • Oh snap. Broyles, you have ‘tude.
  • Explosion!
  • Love the editing work as Olivia is being rolled into the hospital.
  • Oh Em Gee. It’s Nikita’s Ari Tasarov.
  • Agent Scott looks like Anakin Skywalker after being burned on Mustafar.
  • Dramatic tear rolls down Olivia’s face.
  • “Can you handle that?” Broyles has the best one-liners.
  • It’s Charlie Conway all grown up with daddy issues!
  • Peter calling Olivia “honey” and “sweetheart” is adorable and very 40s-like.
  • Wow, Olivia does not mess around when she is trying to save a loved one.
  • “Belly.” That’s a cute nickname.
  • Scotty boy looks like he pissed off Dark Willow.
  • WTF. Walter can extract info from a corpse?
  • Walter is very excited to make LSD.
  • Olivia is seducing Peter. Work your magic, girl, and get him to fall in love with you.
  • Olivia looks like a precog from Minority Report.
  • Geesh Agent Scott, stop playing 21 questions and tell Olivia what the dude looks like. She has limited time to dream interrogate your ass.
  • What the what! Nina Sharp is part Terminator! She looks like Luke Skywalker with that arm.
  • Of course, there’s a hatch that leads to a crazy lab in the basement.
  • (Jaw Drops) Does Olivia have superpowers? How did she make that jump uninjured? Such precision.
  • Yay, Peter caught vomit bag’s twin brother.
  • Peter turned bad cop. “I’m going to count to one.” :-0
  • It’s Ari Tasarov again.
  • Agent Scott, you are a veiny betrayer. And now, you are trying to run the woman who saved your life off the road? That just bought you a permanent place on the naughty list.
  • Good riddance.
  • Peter is staying. Yay!
  • Whoa. Ms. Terminator knows how to interrogate a corpse too.

Make sure to check out Louise’s photo recap of the pilot episode.



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  1. Love this! Fresh eyes, and sharp tongue — how excellent.

  2. ROFLMAO! The editing in the hospital – yeah I loved that too.

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