Nikita Photo Recap: “Pilot”

The show may have aired its season finale last week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Nikita Friday. How will you satiate your passion while the show is on hiatus? I plan to write photo recaps.  When repeats just don’t suffice, I hope my recaps will help carry you over until the Fall when the crew returns. Join me as I scientifically breakdown the intricacies of CW’s Nikita.

Thank you to for providing the screencaps.

The pilot begins Doogie Howser style with Nikita typing her “What I did last summer” report on the Dell laptop…

As Alex was getting acclimated to her new digs in Division (aka the Death Star), Nikita paid a visit to her foster father, Gary. Let’s just say the visit wasn’t filled with hugs and kisses.

Nikita gave Gary the low down on what she has been up to since she ran away eleven years ago. She became addicted to drugs…was charged with murder…sentenced to lethal injection…then recruited by a secret government agency which faked her death and trained her to be an assassin. You know, spring break shenanigans. She goes on to tell her abusive foster father that she escaped Division and is now on a mission to take down the agency and its leader, Percy, a very, very menacing man… 

Meanwhile, Alex meets Amanda, Division’s fairy godmother/interrogater, and is seduced by the dark side.

Nikita sets a trap for Percy’s monkeys and kidnaps the resident tech genius.

Luckily, Birkhoff’s joystick hand is unharmed in the interrogation and he lives to play another game of Galaga. Nikita receives intel on Operation Black Arrow and saves General Safwani from Roan assassinating him.

Alex continues her spy training and “accepts” her new life at Division. What they don’t know is that Alex is really a mole – not the kind that made Enrique Iglesias famous, but a double agent. Nikita trained Alex in the ways of the force to resist the dark side and infiltrate the agency. Together, they hope to bring balance to the country.

The pilot episode was filled with lots of exposition, ammunition, and sexual tension between Nikita and Michael. They quickly become TV’s new ‘will they or won’t they’ couple. Of course we all know what happens  but we are not there yet in the photo recap series.

I hope you enjoyed my photo recap enough to return next week for episode 2, “2.0.”




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