Fringe 1×02 “The Same Old Story”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

My Fringe journey continues! Sex talks, rapid aging, and Peter singing “Row row row your boat” made episode 2 quite enjoyable.

  • Someone call Sigourney Weaver! This girl is gonna burst Alien style.
  • It’s the Fringe committee and they are talking about their new ragtag team (the best kind!).
  • Ooh la la. Peter in his boxers.
  • Walter is enthralled with his car seat- “It warms your ass.” HAHA
  • The Fringe makeup department needs an Emmy because that magic old man baby corpse is amazing.
  • Uh oh, the serial killer is on the prowl for another victim.
  • Olivia is asking Agent Charlie Francis if he knew she was in a relationship with John. Honey, everyone knew.
  • Girl, you need to turn around! Norman Bates is coming at you with a needle!
  • I guess that cow does come in handy in the lab if you are ever thirsty.
  • Oh snap! Magic old man baby’s father was experimented by Walter.
  • Walter uses Pi as a lock combination: 314159. That’s awesome, I’m gonna use that.
  • Peter just found a human hand in a glass jar in Walter’s old station wagon. Nice collection there, Walt.
  • Olivia just saw Peter and Walter in the clunker. HA. Jump in, sweetheart.
  • Oo, I like word association games. P…pituitary…penny…Penrose.
  • Pseudofolliculitis nuchae = razor burn. I am expanding my vocabulary. I think it is adorable how Olivia looks at Peter for translation.
  • So, Norman Bates is like those kid’s toys you put in water to grow in minutes. It just takes him 3 years to reach adult size.
  • HAHA Way to go Walter, give em’ the sex talk now. “Even condoms are not 100%. You two should know that.” Aw, Peter looks adorably embarrassed.
  • Walter to Peter: “I thought you had a way with women.” He does, Walter, he does.
  • Norman Bates’ name is Christopher. It’s the scientist! Christopher is his son 
  • “When was it you lost our imagination, son?” That line hit me right in the heart. Sounds like something I would hear in a Disney movie and I love it.
  • Yay, Peter is thinking outside of the box.
  • [fan squeal] Peter touched Olivia’s hand.
  • Now Broyles is asking Olivia if she practiced safe sex with John “Boring Face” Scott. Crazy pregnancy dream! Remember kids, use a condom if you have sex with someone who was engineered in the lab to age rapidly.
  • It’s Ms. Terminator again. She knows more than she is telling.
  • The gang is looking at the images the girl saw right before she died. They’re gonna solve this case in no time.
  • Go ahead Peter, take off that lab coat. Why don’t you keep going? 
  • Peter and Olivia enter the warehouse looking for Norman Bates. He’s got your back Liv.
  • Another chase scene! I hope Olivia invests in some comfortable working shoes. Looks like she is going to be running after a lot of people on this show.
  • Girl is in cardiac arrest. Wow, you have bad aim Peter. It’s okay you have other qualities to contribute to this show. What is Walter’s obsession with drugs? He just asked Peter if he had cocaine.
  • Norman Bates is aging. Cool cinematography again as the camera cuts between Olivia running and Peter trying to save the girl in cardiac arrest.
  • Norman creepily said his father loved him.
  • Ms. Terminator is describing the responsibilities of Massive Dynamics. So basically, it secretly rules the world? That’s nice.
  • Peter Broyles is acting sketchy. What is he hiding?
  • Olivia asks for a raise. You go girl.
  • Uh oh, the plot thickens. Walter just asked Olivia to keep Peter’s medical history a secret. Is he a lab baby too? Ah. I want to know!
  • Peter sings “Row row row your boat.” AH-DORABLE.
  • More soldier old man babies!

So many things to discover! What is up with Peter’s medical history? Is he secretly a super hero? I guess I have to continue watching to find out. Woe is me. 

Hope you guys enjoy these Fringe posts from a first time viewer.



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  1. Love this. You make me think and recall all the scenes. Thanks!

  2. Peter’s aim wasn’t bad for firing with his off hand.

  3. Mary-

    You are in for some bind-blowing suprises with Peter’s back story! Also I’m so glad you decided to get invested in the best ride of a TV show in TV history second to LOST! Also you’re in for a real treat in the next seasons with the Polivia love story!!!! (Yay, I can’t wait or you!!!!)

  4. Nice! Hope no one ruins your trip with posting spoilers in this comment area. I won’t. 😉

  5. Still loving this — and I heart Peter touching Olivia’s hand and the quizzical look with which she responds. The acting is so good on this show!

  6. fringeobsessed

    Nice job, Mary. TSOS is one of my favorite Season I episodes.
    I could tell you lots, but nah…you’ll figure it out. Just. remember. everything, because showrunners Joel & Jeff recently told us everything from the first 3 seasons is important!

  7. I’m enjoying re-discovering this series over again through your recaps. Try to keep away from the spoilers because you seem to be catching all the right things and asking the right questions!

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