Fringe 1×03 “The Ghost Network”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Hello Fringe fandom!

Apart from the typical pattern case, episode 3 proved how witty the writers are. There were so many funny lines from characters I didn’t expect – like Agent Francis and Olivia. I love how the writers are able to break the tension in a scene with a hysterical one-liner and execute it in a manner that elevates the scene rather than diminish its importance to the story. Without further ado, here are my reactions to episode 3.

  • I hope this bus sequence doesn’t turn into Speed.
  • Uh oh. Toxin! All that for a JanSport backpack?
  • They are stuck in an amber-like substance – just like the mosquito in Jurassic Park.
  • John Scott’s portrait at his funeral is creepy. Poor Olivia. She just got the stare of death from Scott’s mother.
  • Aw, Agent Charlie Francis. You are a good friend. “I wasn’t going to tell you this, but he said he loved me too”
  • I shouldn’t be surprised that Walter is self-medicating himself with psychotics.
  • Gold star goes to Olivia for directing the investigation to the backpack.
  • Agent Davidson wants to see Mendoza’s body. Looks like they had a secret something-something because there’s some major hand touching.
  • Peter looks adorable in a lab coat.
  • Really, Broyles, really? You have a hard time believing the office guy is psychic? ‘Cuz magic old man baby and people stuck in amber are totally mundane events?
  • Mr. Psychic is getting a CAT scan and his blood looks like it’s boiling.  That’s not normal.
  • It’s called “Ghost Network.” Cool name.
  • Uh oh. Roy McComb (aka Mr. Psychic) was another one of Walter’s test subjects way back when.
  • Peter: “Did you ever bother to explain to him what you were doing?” Walter: “Well, it wouldn’t have been a very secret experiment if I had.” HAHA I can always rely on Walter to provide some comedy during a really intense scene.
  • I love Walter explaining the “Rabbit or Duck” picture.
  • After Peter breaks into his old house in Cambridge, Olivia looks at him like he is a hot badass. She is totally falling in love with him.
  • Poor Walter. He thought the family dog was still in the house.
  • Stupid Freshmen! “Is this poly sci 101?” Freshmen are always lost.
  • Astrid knows Latin. She is trying to decipher the line when Olivia interjects, “She had it on her the whole time.” Astrid: “Oh yeah, that’s a possible translation.” This show is so funny.
  • Fake out! Agent Davidson didn’t have a thing for Mendoza. He was performing minor hand surgery.
  • “With proper demodulation, you could receive satellite television for free.” Can I have that?
  • Hey, there’s the bald dude that everyone talks about!
  • What?! Agent Davidson was just shot? Rewind! That is an impressive silencer.
  • More pattern cases.
  • Aw, Peter is playing the piano for Olivia. Can they just get married already?
  • Broyles just gave Ms. Terminator the weird coin shaped item extracted from Mendoza’s hand.
  • It’s Mr. Boring Face! Is Massive Dynamic still interrogating him?

I am really curious to find out why Mr. Boring Face’s body is still lying around. Is he part of a larger plan? I hope not. I want him gone so Olivia can focus on Peter. 

Thank you all who have read my previous posts and have shielded me from spoilers. It has been a lot of fun reading your comments and tweets afterwards.



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  1. Oh, you have so much fun ahead of you! And moments where you go “wtf” and “huh?” It’s going to be awesome! And Josh Jackson somehow manages to get even sexier as the seasons go on and his collection of sexy coats will intrigue you.

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