Fringe 1×04 “The Arrival”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

OH MY! This episode was PACKED with so many great moments. I was left with more questions than before and über excited for the storylines introduced – such as Walter’s connection with the Observer and why John Scott is the new Casper. And the Polivia scenes were to die for! So good. I want more! Read on to see my reactions to Episode 4.

  • It’s Mr. Baldy in the diner ordering room temperature water. He is writing in another language and has fancy spy gear.
  • That’s a lot of hot sauce and jalapeños, dude. Spicy.
  • Earthquake! My Buffy education has taught me that earthquakes are never good. Look out for the crane!
  • “It has arrived” Ominous!
  • Poor Peter. It must be hard to have Walter as a roomie.
  • Stop giving Peter grief to see Olivia. He doesn’t need clearance to talk to his future lovey.
  • HAHA Peter just said Walter walks around naked because he likes the breeze.
  • Peter: “There’s nothing special about me.” OH MY GOSH THAT LOOK. Someone catch me, I’m gonna faint. Olivia just gave Peter the best look EVER and then said “You’re his son.” I need a moment to be with my emotions. time out love struck day dreaming
  • Aw, Walter won’t work on any more investigations if Peter leaves.
  • So it wasn’t an earthquake after all. That thing looks like a nuke.
  • “My equipment, my lab.” You tell ‘em Walter.
  • The thing explodes DOWN? Yeah, that’s weird.
  • That’s not a gun. That’s a blaster! Run away.
  • Mr. Boring Face just called Olivia. Whaaaaaaaat?
  • Walter worked on “Project Thor.” Did he work with Nick Fury on the Avengers Initiative as well?
  • Voilà! Olivia just spotted Mr. Baldy and tied him to another pattern case.  “There are many things I’m not good at, too many, but one thing I can do, that I’ve always been able to do- that game, Concentration, memory, connecting things, putting them together.” Olivia is boss. I want to be like her. We both love the game, Concentration. She might as well be my mentor. big grin
  • The guy with the blaster just killed Jacobson!
  • Broyles to Olivia: “It took us a year to spot him. You did in three weeks.” That’s ‘cuz she is awesome.
  • Get out of the lab now! Blaster dude is coming.
  • WHAT IS GOING ON?! Walter just injected something in Astrid’s neck.thinking
  • Jacobson isn’t dead. Was that blaster in “no kill” mode? I guess it was.
  • The Observer is watching Walter drink a root bear float. Walter knows Mr. Baldy? surprise
  • “Damn it, don’t be like her, your mother.” Ouch! Parental issues are rising to the surface.
  • Broyles: “I know a lot of bald guys.” HAHA
  • Peter turn to your left!
  •  “When was the last time your father kissed you?” How does blaster dude know Peter has daddy issues?
  • Field trip to the cemetery.
  • Olivia why are you alone?! Why don’t you bring backup?
  • It’s not a “gun,” Peter. It’s a “blow things up” machine.
  • OH MY GOSH!! Olivia just shot the guy while running.  SHE IS A BAMF!
  • That nuke shaped thing just went into the ground. I think that’s your cue to RUN!
  • “Apples, bananas, rhinoceros. I wanna hold your hand. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” Mr. Baldy just shot Peter?! Whaaaaat?
  • Olivia is at the hospital to see Peter. “Hi, you ready to get out of here?” AWWWWWW. Stop ogling at each other and make a baby already.
  • Yay, Peter is gonna stay.
  • Olivia is totally undressing Peter with her eyes.
  • Walter and Peter were in a car accident a long time ago and Mr. Baldy saved them. [jaw drops] surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise
  • Whiskey and cereal? Interesting combination there, Liv.
  • IT’S MR. BORING FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! surprise surprise surprise surprise surprise

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  1. I love reliving season 1 with you!! Hey, I have a request. Could you make Fringe one of your categories?

  2. This is hilarious reading the POV of a first time watcher who knows quite a bit already.

  3. Oh I love this! Brings me back 😀

  4. I love your First Time Viewer review, so funny! Thanks

  5. Four episodes in. .. you just wait. Your mind has not even been blown yet, you just think it has.

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