Nikita Photo Recap: “2.0”

Thank you all who came back for another Nikita Photo Recap. This week I dissect episode 2, “2.0.” Mirko Dadich, the war criminal, has hired Division to protect him after he is released from prison. Instead of being paid with money for the services he provides, Percy wants the GPS coordinates of a nuclear weapon Dadich hid before he was detained. Alex is called to aid in the mission and informs Nikita of Percy’s villainous plan.  In addition to the ‘mission of the week’ narrative, viewers also get a glimpse into Nikita and Alex’s backstory.

While other girls spend their free time shopping for Jimmy Choo shoes, Nikita shops for ammunition and weapons. Homegirl plays with the big guns, literally.

Michael is there to greet Mirko Dadich as he is released from prison. Many gather outside to protest his release, but one girl in particular has personal beef with the guy.

Time for a flashback! We see Alex with darker hair and looking for her dealer, Ronnie for another hit. Things turn violent, but Nikita saves the day, rescuing Alex and beating up the nasty, drug dealers.

Back to present day. Alex is assigned to be Mirko Dadich’s eye candy because of her European heritage. They talk and drink lots of champagne until Hanna Cuchko, the blonde-haired chick, shows up with a squad of goons and kidnap Dadich.

At Division, Percy and his team are trying to find Dadich before he gives the GPS coordinates of the nuclear bomb to Cushko, who we find out is the daughter of the man who created the bomb.

Nikita destroys the GPS coordinates before Percy can get them, leaving Michael to clean up the mess at the subway station and eliminating Dadich. There is another flashback and viewers find out that Alex has a personal reason to join Nikita’s mission to take down Division. [This scene is one of my favorites of the entire series. Great music, great story development, and a great “call to action” moment. LOVE IT big grin]

What do you think Nikita fans? Are the photo recaps helping during hiatus?

Let me know and thanks for reading. Check back next week for episode 3, “Kill Jill.”



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  1. OMG THESE ARE HILARIOUS!!! Never laughed so much !!

  2. Is..very grea t..can’t wait 4 the next

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