Fringe 1×05 “Power Hungry”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Hello Fringe Community!

I think I have finally calmed down since the shocking end to Episode 4. Episode 5 certainly seemed less emotionally turbulent with Walter releasing carrier pigeons, but the illusion collapsed when Mr. Boring Face ruined my Polivia dreams. Once again, my emotions were no longer controllable. Check out my reactions to episode 5.

  • It’s Joseph Mee-GAR.
  • Aw, Meegar has a crush on the girl. Computer crash. Is this guy magnetic?
  • It’s the observer.
  • Uh oh. The cell phone just dropped, and she found her picture on Meegar’s phone. Stalker alert.
  • Elevator crash! Meegar survives.
  • So, John Scott was a figment of Olivia’s mind? “Next time, John shows up for a nightcap. Give him one.” HAHA Oh, Charlie. Olivia can always count on you to make her smile.
  • The elevator powered itself into the floor? Dang. “Thermoelectric trauma.” Oh yeah, of course. I was totally going to say that.
  • That’s some party trick, Walter. Flying necklace! Impressive you can tell the metallic composition of that necklace.
  • This is not good. Looks like Walter’s past experiment is involved in this case, too.
  • Someone has pursued Walter’s idea. Is it “Belly?” Everything seems tied to Massive Dynamics.
  • Uh oh. Mr. Boynton, don’t make him angry. Ew. That’s a gruesome arm injury. I did warn ya tho’ buddy.
  • Jacob Fischer. Sir, you are guilty of conducting illegal human experimentation. Shame on you.
  • Lights are flickering. Olivia, grab your gun! Elevator rings. THIS IS SO SUSPENSFUL!! AH! nail bitingnail bitingnail biting
  • It’s Mr. Boring Face! Don’t believe him, Liv!!! Shoot him. John: “I can prove it to you.” Huh? He is going to help her? John is going to prove he loves her. Nope, not on my watch buddy.
  • HAHA Olivia keeps waking Peter up in the middle of the night and he is always in his boxers. day dreaming
  • Walter, do you need to pee? You keep shuffling as you walk like a two year old being potty trained. Oh! HAHA  NVM, he doesn’t need to pee. He was rubbing his wool socks to shock Peter.
  • Meegar aka “Mr. Magnet” just killed his mother. Pacemaker malfunction.
  • Walter: “Tell Olivia to come home.” [fangirl shriek] Olivia’s home is the lab with the Bishops. Yeah, it is. winking
  • John Scott just touched Olivia. Isn’t that the cardinal rule of ghosts? Don’t believe him!
  • Be free pigeons! Make the “Flying V” with Charlie Conway.
  • YAY! Peter saves the day again.
  • This is not good.  Part of John’s consciousness may have crossed into Olivia’s.
  • What the what? What are all these boxes of unsolved cases doing there? John knew about the pattern and Fischer.
  • Olivia was just given Mr. Boring Face’s personal effects. Oh hell no! Please tell me there is no ring in there. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!! I now have the urge to punch Scott in his boring face. angrythumbs downphbbbbt

Now, Olivia will have a difficult time getting over Mr. Boring Face. angry


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  1. Aaaahhh ‘Mr. Boring Face,’ how I do not miss thee.

  2. Mr. Boring Face was quite boring. And Peter Bishop is quite attractive.

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