Fringe 1×06 “The Cure”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I’ll be honest; episode 6 was a little bit of a let down. It was very procedural and just when I thought they would reveal Olivia’s backstory, they closed the doors and kept me out. Clearly, her turbulent past with her stepfather is going to be explored later on, but I was hoping to learn more of Olivia’s past when it was brought up. Anna Torv gave another fantastic performance though, struggling to control her emotions.

  • Girl doesn’t remember how she got those marks on her wrist. That’s not good. worried
  • Uh oh…someone call the Fringe division, we have a case of “bleeding from eyes.” Reminds me of the bodies in Hitchcock’s The Birds. Did her head just explode? surprise
  • Yes, Walter, Olivia is tense. It’s probably ‘cuz she just found out her ex-“Boring Face” lover bought her an engagement ring before he died. phbbbbt
  • C’mon, Dr. Patel. You are clearly not telling the complete truth. liar
  • Aw, Olivia. You are tense girl. Why don’t you let Peter give you a back rub? winking
  • Action, MA. That’s an interesting name for the city. Is it right next to Halt, MA?
  • Agent Francis to Olivia: “This coming your way of all days.” Is it her anniversary with John Scott? Nope, it’s her birthday.
  • You go girl! You are evil doing those experiments but you are a female scientist nonetheless.
  • Who is that guy? I know him from somewhere. It’s Chris Eigeman from Gilmore Girls!
  • HAHA Walter just said Papaya is the friendliest of fruits. I don’t know if I agree with that completely. Strawberries are pretty friendly, in my opinion.
  • Emily was a human microwave.
  • Actually, Peter can you bring two cotton candies- one for Walter and one for me. Thanks buddy, and in return, I will keep transmitting Polivia thoughts your way. day dreaming
  • “What if somebody is preparing for something.” Right on the nose, Peter. All of these cases have to be connected to a bigger plan.
  • Listen to him, Olivia. Don’t interrupt the wake. That is not polite. Oh yeah, sure go upstairs. Really? Liv, I think you are phenomenal but you are out of line right now.
  • Oh snap! The mom knows Claire.
  • Claire’s husband lied!!! I knew it. Get him, Liv!
  • Mmhm. My spidey senses were right. Dr. Nadim Patel was lying.
  • OH SNAP!!!! Olivia is so quick to draw. Love it!
  • Ah! He just killed himself. Olivia’s “No” was gut wrenching. crying
  • “I want to see it in his eyes, Charlie. I need to know it’s him. ” Whoa, Olivia, you need to de-stress a bit.
  • Olivia is talking to David Esterbrook. Esterbrook: “What did you hope to get out of this conversation?” Olivia: “I already got it.” Like a Boss!
  • Hells yeah she wants to start a family…with Peter. She just doesn’t know it yet. winking
  • Dramatic close up on Broyels as he says, “If I can’t trust you to control your own passion, Dunham, then I can’t trust you.” On a separate note, Broyles has phenomenal posture. I need to learn.
  • Ouch Olivia! Don’t be mean to Peter. She had a stepfather who beat her mother. Backstory time!!!!! Oh man! She shot him. CRAZY!!!!!! “Every year he sends me a card on my birthday.” Creepy.
  • Ms. Terminator just came in riding a horse.  She and Peter spent time together long ago? Huh? surprise
  • Ms. Terminator was close with Walter? Like lovers? Lab partners? Bridge players? Members of the same book club? What kind of “close” are we talking about here, Ms. Terminator?
  • Ms. Terminator: “Are you willing to make a bargain?” Damn, she plays hardball- doesn’t want to give info for free.
  • HAHA Way to go Peter – mumble some science jargon so Olivia doesn’t know how you obtained your intel.  Shhhh, Walt! “We’ve got a visible heat signature from the radioactive isotope.” That’s right Olivia, repeat that science jargon.
  • Agent Francis’ voice is so low.
  • Olivia in a gun battle. Oh no! Lady scientist pressed the button of death.
  • She is gonna die, isn’t she? Go to the door! Get the syringe! Ah, this is intense. nail biting
  • You go girl! Get him Olivia! Handcuff the mad scientist.
  • Why so stern Broyles? Olivia: “I am emotional.” Preach it, Liv.
  • Aw, she is worried about Peter. Olivia figured out that Peter had to give something to Ms. Terminator in return for the intel. Their faces are so close. Just kiss already. kisskisskisskiss
  • “INtREPUS,” you are such a stupid company. All capital letters except the “t”? Who was the genius that thought of that? loser
  • No letter today. Phew. whew!
  • Peter and Olivia are too adorable for words. day dreaming
  • Oh Snap!! A personally delivered card. WTF?! “Thinking of you.” surprisesurprise

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  1. Polivia Lover

    Hahaha….Love reading your rookie reactions, Mary!! Keep them coming….and yes Peter and Olivia are the most adorable couple on TV, They should win like Couple of The Year already!!!! LOL!!!

  2. I’m sure Astrid was happy that Walter put a cover over Mr. Papaya before exploding him. Less cleanup.

  3. You haven’t even gotten to the really good Peter and Olivia stuff and you can already see what potential they have, right? They are delightful.

  4. So much eye sex btwn Peter and Olivia on the bench. If people weren’t shipping them after that I don’t know what’s wrong with them!

  5. I’m a new Fringe viewer too! Can’t wait till you get up to Season Three!

  6. I love reading your responses! It’s almost as fun as making my little sister watch Fringe (she is a newbie too, catching up this summer… and her reactions are PRICELESS!)

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