Nikita Photo Recap: “Kill Jill”

Hey Nikita Fans!

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Without further ado, let’s break down episode 3. Nikita has to protect Jill Morelli (played by Julie Gonzalo and a Veronica Mars alum), a journalist, who is investigating a plane crash Division helped cover up. After Jill is contacted by a college student with proof of the conspiracy, Division agents are ordered to capture her but Nikita disrupts their plans, yet again. She rescues the journalist and together, they travel to Virginia to get the video. Meanwhile, at Division, the recruits are brought in to help find Nikita and Jill, and Birkhoff is thought to be Nikita’s mole. Michael and Nikita have another showdown in which the show’s heroine demonstrates how badass she is.

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The episode begins with Birkhoff on the computer reading Julie Morelli’s bio and the latest news from Entertainment Weekly.

There’s another flashback to when Nikita was training Alex before infiltrating Division. I love these flashbacks, because the two have a sisterly bond which is endearing to watch.

At Division, Alex is still having trouble playing nice with the other recruits, specifically Jaden. They give each other the stink eye constantly and they fight over very, very important issues…

Nikita’s mole, Alex, tells her agents have been ordered to capture Jill, so Nikita grabs her gun and goes out to save the girl. It’s just another typical week for her.

Jill tells Nikita about the video, and they make an appointment with the college student to meet. It was definitely nice to see our heroine work in a team rather than alone. Two heads are always are better than one!

Back at Division, the higher ups are scratching their heads to how Nikita received intel on Jill Morelli. Amanda suspects Birkhoff is the mole, and conducts an fMRI AND full body cavity search. You know, the usual. She finds the transmitter embedded in his tooth, so Birkhoff has to endure some dental work.

Nikita and Jill successfully find the college student and view the video, but the plan goes awry when Michael leads a team of agents to enter the house.

Nikita and Michael have another EPIC showdown which ends with one of my favorite fight moves in the series. She dislocates her own arm to escape!!!!!!!! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise Just shows you how badass she is. 

Looks like Thom has been hit with Cupid’s arrow. He is quite tense and pensive, but his soft side comes out when Alex is around.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s photo recap! Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and check back next week for episode 4, “Rough Trade.”



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