Fringe 1×08 “The Equation”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Any episode that depicts Peter playing the piano for Olivia is fantastic in my opinion, and that is exactly what happens in episode 8. Other stuff happens too, but it is all about Peter using his music skills to impress Liv  winking. This episode’s Fring-y case involves a young musical genius who is kidnapped to solve an equation. Olivia’s determination to rescue the boy causes a small argument with Peter, and Walter returns to St. Claire’s Hospital surprise to speak to a patient with ties to the case. Many notable actors appear in this episode as well happy.

  • Why do you want the kid to stop writing music? He may be a musical genius like Mozart. (The actor was in Charlie St. Cloud with Efron)
  • GASP! It’s the girl from Community…Gillian Jacobs.thumbs up
  • Uh oh. This is not gonna end well. I hope the dad doesn’t get electrocuted. I think those blinking lights translate to “get your butt in the car and drive away.” The “engine” sort of looks like the cylinder from episode 4.
  • The car is gone and so is li’l Mozart.
  • Weird to see Olivia with a donut. I imagine her walking around with an energy bar.  HAHA She just threw it away and looked around as if wondering if anyone is watching. happy
  • Serial abduction? That’s not good.
  • Was Walter abducted too? How does he know about the Christmas lights? thinking thinking
  • Britta is abducting experts in various fields. I knew li’l Mozart was a genius. That video of him playing the piano reminds me of Grayson Chance. Maybe Ellen can give Ben a musical deal too.
  • Whaaat? Britta can bring li’l Mozart’s mom back from the dead?
  • Oh yeah, Peter, that’s a brilliant idea. Stare at the lights and be a guinea pig, again.
  • Astrid sees Peter without sleeves and says, “What’s up, Chachi?” HAHA
  • Joanna Ostler died 10 years ago. HAHA They are checking for a twin. They learned after the first case.
  • Hypnagogic state, of course. That was my conclusion as well.
  • She did it. She brought back lil Mozart’s mom. surprise surprise
  • Walter: “Did I hear mention of my old friend, Dashiell. Of course, I’d recognize his handiwork anywhere.” HAHA Walter knew it was Dashiell when he saw the crime scene photo.
  • Aw, Walter just got excited to convert the equation into standard musical notation. happyhappy
  • Olivia to Peter: “I took the oboe for six months and then quit.” AH! My heart just melted at Peter’s adorable/upset reaction.
  • Peter is playing li’l Mozart’s song, and Liv is totally becoming weak at the knees.
  • The doc at St. Claire’s Hospital is Jaye’s dad from Wonderfalls!! And he is not a fan of Walter. Booo! thumbs downthumbs downthumbs down
  • Walter: “Does anyone care what I think?” broken heart broken heart Peter is trying to protect his father. Love the cut to the video of li’l Mozart looking at them.
  • Peter is so mad at Olivia right now.broken heart broken heart
  • Poor Walter. I am scared for him. He’s returning to St. Claire’s. nail biting
  • That doc is cray cray. He just stuck a needle into Walter! thumbs downno talkingangry
  • Yeah, Olivia lay down the law. Dr. Sumner needs to be schooled.
  • What the what?!?! Walter sees himself? I feel like this is important. Should I take note of this for future episodes?
  • Peter is explaining to Liv how he remembered the aliases he used. Olivia just gave the most adorable half-smile/half-laugh. “What do you do when it’s Ostler?” They are so cute together.
  • Way to go, Peter!!! “You have no idea of what I’m capable of.”
  • Walter to Peter: “Is that what it’s like to talk to me?”broken heartbroken heartbroken heart
  • Oh no! Sneak attack.
  • Ah, it’s the Christmas lights! Don’t look Olivia! I don't want to seeI don't want to seeI don't want to see Fantastic, I will never look at Christmas lights the same way EVER AGAIN.
  • Aw, another father/son moment.
  • Wait, isn’t that the agent from last week? What is up with the apple? surprisesurprisethinkingthinking

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  1. How lovely/heartbreaking is it when Peter tells Walter he was brave, and Walter looks a little bit like he might cry.

  2. Another GREAT post Mary! It is just so exciting to read your reactions because you have not even scratched the surfice yet of how great this show gets! Especially in season two and three…..I can hardly contain myself for you!!!

  3. It’s really entertaining to read your first impressions here. There’s a pretty good run of episodes coming up, and it’ll fun to see your reaction.

  4. And that’s really Joshua Jackson playing the piano. There’s just something ubersexy about a sexy man playing a piano, am I right? I need Peter to play the piano way more often.

  5. OMG I didn’t realize it was Gillian Jacobs!

  6. Entertaining as always. Thank you so much for continuing to watch and recap!

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