Fringe 1×09 “The Dreamscape”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I feel like every Fringe post I write ends up discussing how badass Olivia acts. It’s so easy though to discuss that topic, because she shines in every episode. “The Dreamscape” started off with a mediocre Fring-y event. The cinematography of the fall was certainly cool, but butterflies? No one really thinks of butterflies a angry murderers, but the episode quickly unraveled to reveal a much bigger and more complex story. Olivia goes back in the tank!! surprise

  • Oh, it’s a butterfly. Don’t touch it; it’s probably toxic. Uh oh, it’s an angry butterfly. Yeah, just try to squash it…oh wait, you did. It’s still alive! Now, there are two? What?
  • DRAMATIC fall. surprisesurprise
  • He works for Massive Dynamic. I should’ve known.
  • Aw, Olivia can’t have a social life. sadsadsad
  • AH! It’s Mr. Boring Face in the crowd looking at the crime scene. surprisesurprise
  • Ms. Terminator keeps offering Olivia a job. Take the girl out to dinner first, before you continue courting her.
  • HAHA. “Oceanic Air” is on the airplane ticket. Lost shout out. winking
  • Who is this chick calling Peter? I’m assuming it is an ex lover.  sicksickphbbbbtphbbbbt
  • Uh oh, computer just came on. It’s an email from John Scott! surprise
  • Liv, be careful in that basement. Frogs?
  • Ooooo. Olivia is wearing a black shirt instead of white. Is this an ominous sign?
  • Ewwww. Peter just hugged and kissed a girl that is NOT Olivia. The chick’s name is “Tess.” Who the heck is after Peter?!?! And stop with the PDA!
  • Uh oh. Tess is being abused.
  • Someone was trying kill Mark Young.
  • Repressed memory therapy. Oh yeah, I bet that’s like getting a massage.
  • Olivia don’t go back in that tank! Love that shot of her in all black at the top of the staircase. Like a boss!
  • Oh boy, here we go again.
  • Olivia, when Walter says that the science he is doing is “pushing the boundaries,” I think that is your cue to stop. nail bitingnail bitingtime outI don't want to see
  • A Bible? Is he conducting an exorcism? Is he going to pray?
  • So many dark colors in this episode!
  • Walter: “I thought it appropriate to pray you don’t get electrocuted.” Olivia: “Praise the Lord.” Walter: “Amen” REWIND! REWIND AGAIN! OH MY GOSH! THIS IS SO INTENSE!! Had to watch three times. SO AMAZINGLY WELL WRITTEN!!!!!
  • Olivia: “I don’t know where I am.” broken heartbroken heart
  • She is in all black again. I am loving this episode.
  • She sees her first date with Mr. Boring Face. He has shorter hair.big grin
  • Liv is wearing a fantastic green dress.
  • AH! Mr. Boring Face just looked at the camera! CREEPY
  • It’s Mark Young!!!!
  • Cool! The flower has a butterfly wing.
  • Peter gave Michael a smackdown.
  • Chase sequence time. Yeah, Charlie put on those aviator black glasses.coolthumbs upwavewinking
  • Say what now? Massive Dynamic killed Mark Young? “Massive Dynamic is hell.” Yeah, I believe that.
  • Oh man! Olivia is confronting Ms. Terminator, “And that’s the point, isn’t it? To keep us all asking questions, all just chasing our own tails?”
  • He sees John Scott too? surprisesurprisesurprisesurprise
  • Oh no! Morales has been drugged with the same substance that killed Mark Young.
  • Another email from Mr. Boring Face. “I saw you. In the restaurant.” OH SNAP!! WHAT?!?! That’s where it ends?!?! Such a cliffhanger!



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