Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon! Thank You for Being Born

Break out the kazoos and funny hats! It’s Joss Whedon’s birthday!

Forty-eight years ago today, the world changed forever when Joss Whedon was birthed from his mother’s womb. Legend has it Joss started composing comedic musicals and killing off beloved characters as early as age three. Years passed and the world carried on, often oblivious to the subtle changes evoked by Whedon in popular culture, human consciousness, and, yes, even the laws of physics. By his fourth decade, Joss had established a devoted and rather unhealthily obsessed fan base through his groundbreaking work in television, despite the best efforts of the Fox network, as well as being repeatedly overlooked by some “important” television awards, which aren’t even really that special because Cyndi Lauper has one so how hard can it be? As word of his brilliance spread throughout the lands, there were still many who did not know of his Jossomeness. Then one day he directed a film about superheroes and latent homosexuality, and it took the world by storm. These days, people still occasionally call him “Josh,” but at least now when they do it, they’re no longer saying, “Who is Josh Whedon?” They’re saying, “Hey, that Josh Whedon sure is swell!”

Join us in celebrating the birth of our fearless leader, perhaps with a shindig or a hootenanny to mark this momentous day in geekdom. I for one will be celebrating by wearing my Firefly shirt while watching Buffy and drinking from my Avengers mug.

Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge Joss’ wonderful mother, since this day would not have been possible without her. Thank you, Lee Stearns, for giving the world Joss Whedon. And thank you, Joss, for all the joy (and sometimes gut-wrenching sadness) you’ve given us over the years. I’m not sure you’ll ever know how much your work means to us. Happy birthday.

-Mary & Louise


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