Are You Watching ‘Burning Love’? Because You Should Be

I’m generally not a big fan of web series, but knowing that Ken Marino was involved, I just had to give Burning Love a chance. I’m only going to say this once (that’s a total lie; I’ll probably say it at least three times in this post alone)—if you’re a fan of Veronica Mars and/or Party Down, you absolutely have to watch Burning Love. If I had a nickel for every person who appears in Burning Love that was on Veronica Mars or Party Down, I would have (*gets out a calculator*) six nickels! It also helps if you’ve ever seen an episode of The Bachelor (or, at least, I’m assuming it helps—not that I would know or anything…) because then you can really appreciate the funny-’cause-it’s-true humor of Burning Love.

The short web series centers around Ken Marino (Party Down, Veronica Mars) playing a dopey but lovable firefighter on a Bachelor-esque dating show. (Okay, let’s be honest—there’s no “esque” about it; it’s straight-up The Bachelor.) Having seen many clips of various Bachelor episodes on The Soup (but never watching the actual show, because I mean, come on, I have standards…) (no I don’t), I can say that Burning Love really nailed the show’s signature mix of over-the-top melodrama and sheer absurdity. So far Burning Love has featured an octogenarian contestant (much like the grandmother seen in the last season of The Bachelor), a painfully bad group date where the girls had to do stand-up comedy (harkening back to the infamous roast of Ashley on The Bachelorette), and more than a few emotional breakdowns from the ladies as they vie for Mark’s affections.

The main difference between Burning Love and The Bachelor is that instead of giving out roses to the ladies he’d like to keep around for another week, Mark (being a firefighter) gives out…hoses. Seriously. I laugh every single time he says, “Will you accept this hose?” and hands a girl a statue of a rolled-up fire hose, which she is all too pleased to accept. The show also features a relatively inept therapist, played by the always-fabulous Adam Scott. (*Plink* There goes another nickel into my piggy bank!) And he’s just one of many surprisingly legit recurring guest stars. Without giving away some of the more spoiler-y ones, Malin Akerman (Rock of Ages) is hilarious as a homeless woman who only wants to stay on the show because it means having a roof over her head, and Paul Scheer (The League) plays a terrible comedian who crashes a romantic one-on-one date. The high-caliber cast is really what makes the over-the-top comedy of Burning Love work. (That, and Michael Ian Black’s progressively worsening fire puns in his parting words to the ousted ladies, e.g. “Mandy, I’m sorry. There was smoke, but no fire.”)

Burning Love features a new episode every Monday and Thursday on Yahoo! Watch the first episode here and tell me what you think!



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