Fringe 1×11 “Bound”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

This episode might as well be called “The Olivia Dunham Show.” Olivia is kidnapped by Mr. Jones’ goons, gets a crazy spinal tap, and still manages to escape with evidence ALL BY HERSELF. The girl is secretly a superhero. She can do it all – save the day and still have time to hang out with her niece. OH EM GEE Olivia and Ella are adorable times infinite. big hugThe other two characters introduced in this episode are Rachel, Olivia’s sis who seems to have marital problems, and the annoying Sanford Harris. phbbbbtphbbbbtphbbbbt

  • Walter just doused that caterpillar with LSD.
  • Olivia! That is a rolling garment rack made into a gurney. surprise Ugh, that is a horrible way to turn over. surprisesurprise
  • Broyles: “P.D., D.W.P, AAA, I don’t care what acronym it is. You get them, talk to them and find Dunham.” Woohoo! Go Broyles!
  • WTF are they doing to her? Not her spine! C’mon, get her a glass of water. I don’t think water is supposed to be that color. Make your move, Liv. Yeah Olivia! You go girl!!!! applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause
  • Badass sneak attack!
(GIFs provided by Wobbledygook)
  • Triple badass points for wearing that BLACK coat!!
  • She’s out! applauseapplausewhew!whew!What are you doing, Olivia? Keep going! Oh, I see, you’re gonna hide the vials. That’s smart. What?! Again?!
  • Phew! Those cars did not have her abductors. She is at the hospital now. Who the heck is this guy? Sanford Harris. THIS GUY IS HERE FOR LESS THAN A MINUTE AND I ALREADY DISLIKE HIM.
  • Charlie: “They’re clean. The only prints are yours.” That’s fishy!!!
  • Hello Olivia’s sister! Awwww, her niece is ADORABLE. love strucklove struck
  • Rachel: “Go. Save the world.” HAHA Tru dat! thumbs upthumbs up
  • Walter to Olivia: “You’re like a question machine.” Awesome line!
  • Uh oh, professor down. No class tomorrow kids. The teaching assistant is now doing mouth to mouth.  Ack, the caterpillar just crawled out of his mouth. Watch out TA! I bet you’re next cuz you kissed him.
  • That’s a giant, slimy, spikey slug. Walter: “Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time. Makes me nostalgic. Spirited isn’t?” Ummm…sure Walter. Just keep that thing 50 feet away from me.
  • Teaching assistant is no help. HAHA Called you out!!! Olivia can read people. ::sigh:: Why does every TA on television have to be in a relationship with the professor. Gives teaching assistants a bad rep. Boo.thumbs downthumbs down
  • Broyles: “I’ll handle Harris.” Olivia: “I know you will.” HEHE. Go team! applause
  • AHH! It’s Mitchell Loeb. He is still working at the agency.nail bitingnail bitingnail biting
  • Olivia has a brown shirt. Totally rockin’ the dark colors in this episode. Love it! applausebig grinbig grin
  • Nooooo. Don’t drink the water.
  • They supersized the common cold. Yuck! sick
  • Aw!! Peter to Olivia: “I care about you.” love strucklove struckkisskissJust makeout already. Walter: “She is beautiful isn’t she?” Peter: “Who?” Walter: “The slug.” I need a moment. day dreamingday dreaming
  • Olivia is like a mind reader. She can sense there is something her sis isn’t telling her.
  • THE SHOES!!!!
  • The Loeb Residence. Yeah, you’ll find incriminating evidence there.
  • Aw, Peter is the guy to break the law for Olivia.
  • Damn, Olivia! U BOLD!!! Samantha Loeb: “What’s the case?” Olivia: “Suspicion of a double agent.”
  • Chick is trying to kill Olivia. U can’t kill Olivia Dunham. She is too badass.
  • AH! Shot in the head! surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Walter to Olivia: “Peter was really worried about you when you were gone.” love struckday dreaming
  • YEAH OLIVIA!!! Olivia referring to Loeb: “Can you leave me alone with him?”
  • BAMF!
  • Loeb: “We saved you.” HUH?? confusedconfusedworried
  • I don’t know Peter. I think Olivia is right. There is some truth in what Loeb said.
  • Walter: “I was worried too when you were taken.”Awwwwww! love struck
  • Aw!! Olivia is sleeping alongside her niece is ADORABLE.

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  1. This was certainly the most BAMF Olivia we’d seen yet, though the blind jump off the roof in the pilot was pretty good, too.

  2. Great recap. Olivia really does get more awesome every week.

  3. OMG I’m so flattered you used my gifs for this recap 🙂 Excellent as always

  4. Olivia was a SUPER BAMF in season 1!!! And Sanford Harris needs to DIAF! HATE.

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