Nora Ephron: Remembering a Legend

Anyone who’s ever seen a Nora Ephron movie knows how big an impact her films have had on pop culture. Whether it’s Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant, Tom Hanks finding love at the Empire State Building, or Meryl Streep boning a duck as Julia Child, Nora Ephron has created some of the most memorable characters and the most timeless love stories in cinema. She’s earned three Academy Award nominations for Original Screenplay (for Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally…, and Sleepless in Seattle), and her movies have grossed over $500,000,000, according to Box Office Mojo.

I remember seeing You’ve Got Mail in theaters when I was 10 years old and being completely mesmerized. The film is as sweet, funny, and lovely as its two stars: the charismatic Tom Hanks and the adorable Meg Ryan. It was a Pride and Prejudice for the AOL generation, and in today’s world of texting and online dating, the simplicity of falling in love over e-mail seems downright quaint. Maybe it’s because I work in a small independent bookstore myself, but You’ve Got Mail has always had a special place in my heart, as have all of Ephron’s characters (especially those played by Meryl Streep). There’s no denying that Nora Ephron’s work has had a huge impact on American cinema, particularly with regard to the romantic comedy genre. (Would we have Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached without When Harry Met Sally…?) Hollywood is a lesser place without her. So on behalf of every movie buff everywhere, thank you, Nora for all the wonderful memories.

-Mary & Louise


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