Fringe 1×12 “The No-Brainer”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

A disgruntled employee and divorced man creates a video that liquefies brains…blah blah blah. Let’s get to the real star of the episode: ELLA DUNHAM. Olivia’s niece is absolutely adorable- like Carl awarding Russell the “Ellie Badge” cute. It’s even at the level of Dumbo taking his bath cute.

Ella is pretty much baby Dumbo. She brings out the warmth and loving side of Olivia which we don’t see when she is out in the field being a BAMF. I love their scenes together. The only problem is  I don’t know how much I can take before my emotions become uncontrollable.

  • Creepy message just popped up on the computer asking, “What’s that noise?” Now, why would you click it?! Really, dude?! Don’t you watch horror movies?
  • Uh oh, Fring-y stuff is happening. It’s like The Ring, except with a hand.
  • It’s operation! And Ella is trying to get the “brain freeze” item out. Very fitting. Olivia and Ella are too cute for words. big grinbig grinSide note: Why is there Monopoly money around the operation game?
  • Walter: “I used to make a joke that Darwin’s thinking was rather unevolved.” HAHA You should do standup, Walt. laughinglaughing
  • Peter, what’s in the mail?
  • HAHA A body is on its way to the lab and Walter is giddy like a little boy going to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Ew, the guy’s brain matter was completely liquefied.
  • Walter to Olivia: “You do always have your sexual partners wear a condom, I hope.” HAHA He should be a health teacher. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Walter: “Be sure to check his floppy discs as well.” He is killin’ it with the one liners.
  • Phone rings. Peter, what aren’t you telling us? What’s in the letter?! What is it?!
  • Oh snap! Olivia is wearing a black shirt again! She’s been wearing all black since the last episode. Love it.
  • OH MY GOSH! Transmission is being downloaded RIGHT NOW at Olivia’s apartment. nail bitingnail biting
  • NOOOOOO. Ella! Pick up the phone, Rachel!! worriedworried Aw, Peter is trying to get to the apartment too.  Don’t do it Ella! Save her! Run Liv! nail bitingnail biting
  • That was intense! whew!whew!
  • OH EM GEE! Guys, I need a moment. Peter is playing with Ella. My ovaries can’t take this much cuteness. Dying right now. day dreamingday dreaminglove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove struck
  • And Rachel you can stop ogling Peter. He is OLIVIA’s man.time outangry
  • OH SNAP!! Some guy is watching Liv!! CREEPY!!
  • It’s Luke! Poor kid, he doesn’t know what his dad is doing.
  • Peter is right, Liv. Don’t torture yourself with hypotheticals. Ella is okay.
  • Who is that elderly lady standing outside so conspicuously? It’s Jackie Florrick! Watch out for her, Peter. She is a sly one. She wants to see Walter. Was her daughter the assistant who died in his lab? Yep.
  • Olivia is trying to convince Peter to let Carla’s mom see Walter: “You underestimate him. Your father. And you shouldn’t.” Listen to her, Peter.
  • Walter: “I hope she doesn’t notice the $2000 for the baboon seminal fluid I ordered. I hope I can recall why I ordered it.” HAHA I love Walter.rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Ugh, I don’t like Sanford Harris. I will now call you “Mr. Doofus” because you are a doofus for questioning Olivia’s actions.
  • Charlie: “What about Harris?” Olivia: “Screw him” Francis: “My thoughts exactly.” Go team!thumbs upthumbs up
  • Olivia expects Luke to visit his dad’s. Peter: “Oh, come on. He cannot possibly be that stupid.” Olivia: “He’s 19.” Peter: “Good point.” HAHAHA I can’t wait to see them raise teenagers.
  • Ouch. Peter is becoming all huffy with Olivia. She is just trying to help. She cares for your dad too.
  • Dang. Olivia won’t let Peter call for backup. Be careful, Liv. He sees you! Don’t look at the screen!I don't want to seeI don't want to see
  • OH SNAP!! Gun is pointed at her head.surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Gunshot. Really, Peter, really? You just called Olivia “Dunham”? broken heartbroken heartWhat’s with the formalities? Go back to calling her “honey” and “sweetheart.”
  • Really Peter? You had to ask why Luke was protecting his father? I thought you were making progress with your daddy issues.
  • Broyles to Mr. Doofus: “You decide to go after Olivia Dunham, you’re going after me. And all the red tape in the world won’t protect you.” YEAH BROYLES! thumbs upthumbs up
  • Watching Jessica Warren (aka Mrs. Florrick) talk to Walter about Carla is heartbreaking.broken heart
  • Another Olivia and Ella scene. Seriously, my emotions cannot handle this much cuteness. This level of adorableness should only exist in the worlds of Disney and Pixar.
  • Doorbell! Please don’t let it be Mr. Boring Face. Ooooo, it’s Peter. Yay! Aw, he came to tell Olivia he is sorry. Now Kiss!!!! day dreamingday dreaming


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  1. It was a Dawson’s Creek reunion in this episode – Pacey & Grams!

  2. Ella is just the most adorable thing. And it’s great to see how relaxed and happy Olivia is with her.

  3. Love the exploding ovaries!! Finding it difficult to breath between fits of laughter here…

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