Fringe 1×13 “The Transformation”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Episode 13 proves that a couple that kicks butt together stays together. big grinbig grinbig grinOnly problem is that Olivia and Peter aren’t a couple…YET.  But they are getting there. winkinglove struck I had so many conflicting emotions watching this episode. On the one hand, I LOVED seeing Peter embrace Olivia and join her on a mission, but on the other hand, I couldn’t help but appreciate the scene between Mr. Boring Face and Olivia. I know, right? Me?! The president of the ‘I hate Mr. Boring Face Fan Club.’ Can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually enjoyed seeing him in the final scene with Olivia. phbbbbtphbbbbt

  • Uh oh. It’s another airplane scene. You know this is not gonna end well.
  • Why is the nose bleeder checking his saliva? thinkingthinking Now, he wants the flight attendants to collect as many tranquilizers and sedatives as they can. Is he gonna turn into the Hulk? Nope, he is turning into a porcupine instead!
  • And there it is…the airplane crash. A JJ Abrams trademark.
  • Aww. Little Ella got into the makeup kit. Olivia continues to wear dark colors. Love it!
  • Crappers! Rachel just found the engagement ring from Mr. Boring Face. Why?! Just had to bring that up again. Argh! angry
  • What the what?! Zack Whedon wrote this episode! surprisesurprisesurprise
  • Excuse me while I go check IMDB.
  • He wrote “Dreamscape” too?! surprise How is this family so talented? They must be wizards.
  • Mr. Porcupine looks like a monster from Buffy.
  • That’s him, Liv! That’s the guy. John’s memories just crossed with hers again.
  • One half rule! Fun Fact: Opossums have an odd number of nipples, 15 mammaries to be exact. I am learning so much about nipples.  Why couldn’t Walter teach my health class in high school?
  • Epic music as he cuts the hand. AHHHHHH!!! It’s the glass thing they found in John’s hand, as well as that female agent’s hand.
  • Olivia to Charlie: “John Scott and I shared consciousness.” Perhaps you should have prefaced that with a story, Liv. laughinglaughing
  • Walter watching an interrogation: “This is wonderful, don’t you agree? It’s just like a good detective movie.” laughing
  • Daaaang, Olivia is HARSH! “No, not yet. Not until he talks. You want help? I want answers.”
  • Conrad doused them? Who the eff is Conrad? Walter is working on an antidote and using a watermelon as a control group. laughinglaughingHAHA He performs the best experiments. Why couldn’t he be my Chem professor in college?
  • Olivia: “Cut open his hand” Walter: “I like cutting.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Uh oh. Broyles is telling Olivia the disk went to Massive Dynamic aka the “Death Star.”
  • It’s Ms. Terminator and she is gonna let Liv see John’s body!!I don't want to seesurprise
  • Olivia Noooo! Don’t go back in the tank!!!!angrywhew!
  • You two would bang at a motel? Classy. Ugh, it’s Mr. Boring Face and Olivia.
  • Kinda creepy to see two Olivias. Mr. Boring Face: “Hi Liv.” surprisesurprise
  • He sees her?! Just shoot him already, Liv. Oh no, she can’t hear Walter. No bueno. surprisesurprise
  • Liv, you look so badass in all black. Can I borrow that outfit?day dreaming
  • Sorry Mr. Boring Face, but I don’t believe you were trying to get Conrad.
  • Olivia: “Hi Peter.” Peter: “You’re gonna be fine.” That was the best “Hi, Peter” EVER!!!!!!day dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreaminglove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove strucklove struck
  • Aww, Astrid just told Olivia: “You are one of the best judges of character I have ever met.” BFFs! happyhappyhappy
  • The signal is “Christmas.” Awesome!
  • Yay, Peter is joining Olivia on the mission.
  • Olivia is in all black and Peter looks so dapper. Gavin (pointing to Peter): “Who’s he?” Olivia: “Who are they?” HAHAHA OLIVIA TURNED THE TABLES ON HIM. THIS CHICK IS SUPERWOMAN! thumbs upthumbs up
  • Conrad wants to see Olivia. Yikes.
  • Quick thinking Peter! They are work so well dreamingday dreamingday dreaming
  • Olivia: “He found out the day before Christmas.” YAY! Conrad: “I spoke to Ernesto this morning.”  worriedworriedworriedGULP!! “He’s fine. Kill them both right now.” NOO!! I don't want to seeI don't want to seeI don't want to see
  • YEAH! Polivia FTW!!! thumbs upbig grin
  • Why, Olivia, why? Don’t go back in the tank! Why must you be so stubborn and not listen to me?angry
  • That is a beautiful shot. NO, NOT THE RING!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Don’t put it on her finger. NOOOOOOOOO. DON’T KISS. angryDAMN!
  • SO MANY CONFLICTED FEELINGS!!! I don’t like Mr. Boring Face but that was a beautiful scene by the lake, and Olivia needed that.


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  1. As a member of the “I don’t necessarily hate, but this show could use without the whole Mr.Boring Face-of-it-all Fan Club” I too really like the closure to that story-line.

    It is really interesting to actually trace how much ‘random stuff’ happens in an episode. Giant Porcupine to Ella to John Scott to Peter and Olivia working together, Crazy.

    Still lovin’ the recaps!

  2. Polivia Lover

    Hey Mary another graet recap except for your strange feelings for Mr. Boring Face in the last scene! (LOL) I was like good riddance to that pointless Boring Face storyline that should have never happend……it is funny though that when you get into season 2,3 and 4 he is such a distant memory because the Polivianess just evolves into INSANE sweetness!!!

    Fun Fact: You may already know this Mary but incase you didn’t, Anna Torv married Mark Valley…(A.K.A Mr. Boring Face) in real life after getting to one another on Fringe but just like their relationship on Fringe it was short lived as they divorced a year after they were married……Wierd Right?

  3. Obv TPTB didn’t entirely know where they were going since the future ex-hubby of Anna Torv was a full cast member. I like that there was closure with that story. Tah tah! BRING ON ABILITY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You thought seeing two Olivias was weird? Hehehehehe, oh you wait. You just wait. These reviews make me giddy with the excitement of knowing all the craziness that you are going to see in future episodes. And Poliva Lover is correct, soon Mr. Boring Face will only be a vague recollection. Peter and Olivia=one of the most epic romances ever ever ever on tv. I have shipped many a couple over the years, but these two. . .I think they might be my favorite OTP of all time.

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