‘True Blood’ 5×04 Review: “We’ll Meet Again”

I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere with this season. The Authority drama is coming to a boil; the fairies are back in the game; people are jumping out of moving vehicles; Sookie and Alcide are making out on the couch; things are happening! And despite the somewhat underwhelming start to the season, I have to say I like where it’s going. (Except for the fairy thing—I’m pretty tired of them at this point.) We’re a third of the way through True Blood’s fifth season, and one of the things I’m liking most about it is its focus on familial and friendly relationships rather than the usual emphasis on romance (which isn’t to say I wasn’t excited to see Alcide finally get some in the final act of the episode). The Maker/progeny bond has been especially prominent so far, but we’ve also seen some of the devoted (if not a little disturbing) sibling relationship between Eric and Nora, as well as the deepening friendship of Jason and Jessica. I have to say, it’s kind of refreshing to have some time off after four seasons of supernatural love triangles. And we did see a little romance at the end of this episode when Sookie and Alcide were groping on the couch as Bill and Eric watched creepily from outside. ‘Cause, you know, that’s what they do.

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