Nikita Photo Recap: “Rough Trade”

Hey Nikita Fans! Sorry for the major delay in posting this photo recap, and thanks for sticking with me.

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So, the official title of episode 4 is “Rough Trade,” but it might as well be called, “Merry Christmas Mikita Fans” because we finally saw Michael and Nikita’s working relationship at Division before she went rogue. And there was enough sexual angst there to rival a high school filled with hormonal teenagers. If you didn’t ship Mikita before, this episode certainly convinced you that they deserve a shot of coupledom. Sure, their date nights would be spent on missions dodging bullets but there is nothing sexier than escaping doom and saving the world with your honey bunny. big grinbatting eyelasheswinking

Nikita is once again trying to right her wrongs in this episode’s mission of the week. She visits a park to warn Lisa Han that things are gonna get ugly so she should get outta town with her daughter. It takes a little while for Nikita to convince Lisa, but the mother finally does as she is told and escapes. The whole trust issue is justifiable though. Did I mention Nikita killed Lisa’s husband six years ago? Minor detail.

At Division, Alex continues her training with the recruits and unexpectedly suffers a panic attack during an exercise. The padawan is under so much stress keeping her ties with Nikita and her family background a secret that it is no wonder she buckled. She has flashback of the day her house was raided and set on fire. Luckily, Mr. I Always Have A Serious Face (aka Thom) is there to pull Alex out from under the car and calm her down. We all know that he has been trying to find an excuse to embrace Alex. winking Maybe he could give her a much a needed massage.

Yay! Time for a Mikita flashback…and the sexual tension is palpable. I’m surprised Lion King’s “I Can Feel Love the Love Tonight” didn’t start playing in the background. Mikita love aside, anyone else find their hairstyles perplexing?  The flashback is from 2004 but everyone has 90s hair. thinking I guess the 00s arrived a little late at Division headquarters.

Nikita does it all! She is a talented assassin AND she provides great childcare. I’m actually surprised her first assignment was as a nanny since Division tries to de-sensitize their agents. Rather than be emotion-free on her mission, Nikita must use her emotions to create a bond with the baby. Plus, they look adorable! big grinbig grin

Alex’s mini-meltdown earlier in the day requires that she have a one-on-one conversation with Amanda, and no they do not gossip about TomKat’s divorce. Amanda senses that Alex is hiding something and does what any sane person would do…she drugs her.

Poor Michael, Division has him working so much that he can’t even take a proper lunch break.

Just when you thought the flashbacks with the baby couldn’t get more adorable. Michael appears. Nikita + Michael + Baby = A Fan Fiction Writer’s Dream Come True. day dreamingday dreaming The look like a family!

Alex is not having a good day. She wakes up in a straight jacket that will unlock once she brings her pulse rate down to 51 beats per minutes. Let’s just say Alex doesn’t take the news of looking like Hannibal Lector sans mask well. Outside of Division, Michael visits a club hoping to intercept Nikita who later finds out that Victor Han made a deal with Percy to fake his death. surprise Dude, lied about everything! He used Lisa and his daughter as a cover to continue his work as a Red Circle Triad member in the U.S.

Alex finally calms herself down and makes up a story to explain her panic attack during the exercise. You go chica! Nikita is super pissed after she learns she was lied to so she hops on the next flight to Hong Kong to find Victor Han. She is apprehended by custom officials and then taken to a sketchy alley by Victor Han’s goons. Han probably thought he had the upper hand in the situation, but Nikita is a badass and played to his weakness…literally.

Michael has one last Mikita flashback! winkingwinking

Hope you guys liked the photo recap! Until next time.


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