Fringe 1×14 “Ability”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

I am totally enrolling in the Olivia Dunham Academy where I will major in BAMF-ology and minor in Facial Expressions. Anna Torv has a the best facial reactions. Why hasn’t she won an Emmy? Has she even been nominated? I’m gonna write a formal complaint to the Emmy people. Sorry, I digress. Back to the episode. Mr. Jones gives Olivia a test in which she has to turn off a box of lights just by looking at it, but nothing is impossible for Olivia. She is a superhero and passes. Teach me your ways, Liv!! I guess the cortexiphan she was given as a child had something to do with her special power. It will be interesting to see what other abilities she has as a result of the drug. I would also like to mention how crazy it is that Olivia was experimented as a child. She was a little kid and had no idea what was happening. NOT COOL!!

  • Oh, this is new! Fringe is doing a recap before the eppy begins.
  • The German police just realized Mr. Jones is gone. Yeah, you are not gonna find him in the prison.
  • Olivia: “Do you remember that prisoner, Jones, I went to see in–” Peter: “In Germany, right?” Olivia: “He escaped.” Peter: “Good for him.” HAHA laughinglaughing
  • Olivia looks adorable trying to figure out the new device. Walter: “I call it ‘dizray.’” That sounds like an awesome nickname.
  • Whaaaa? Noah Bean’s name just appeared in the opening credits. Ryan Fletcher from Nikita is in this episode? Awesome.big grinbig grinbig grin
  • Look at you Mr. Jones, briefing your team as you sip your tea…so villain-y.
  • Ewww. His face is literally melting like a candle. Did they have to kill the cinephile. Not cool. no talkingno talking
  • It’s Olivia and Mitchell Loeb. surprise Jones is a part of an army? Loeb: “What was written will come to pass, and nothing you do can stop that.” worriedworriedworried
  • Walter: “Did you check his anus and penis?” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor Peter seems extra annoyed with his dad in this episode. Why? confusedconfused
  • The ZFT manuscript is titled, “Destruction by Advancement of Technology.” Catchy. Should’ve made the New York Times Best-Sellers list, imo.
  • Peter: “Well, you’re always a little weird.” Excuse me while I go fangirl in the corner. big hugbig huglove struck
  • Eww. Funky gas is coming out of the body. sick
  • It’s Noah Bean!! Go Fletchy! Always collecting important data. thumbs upthumbs up
  • Markham just tried to figure out what Olivia has on her nightstand, and she gave the best response,  “I’m reading Advanced Forensic Science by Annemann. I keep it next to my gun.”rolling on the floorrolling on the floor thumbs up I WANT TO BE YOU!
  • Peter: This one’s just a friend, and we need a favor.” Don’t say that, Peter. She’s not just a friend. She’s your future lover! Aw, Olivia’s reaction in the back speaks volumes.
  • OH SNAP! David Robert Jones is here to visit Broyles. Jones: “I will speak only with Agent Olivia Dunham.” surprisesurprisesurprisesurprise
  • Olivia: “Let me in there.” BAMF!
  • Ugh. Mr. Doofus stop talking and let Olivia save the day. Why do you have to be so annoying?phbbbbtphbbbbtphbbbbt
  • Yikes! Olivia found pictures Jones drew of her. AWKWARD!
  • Oh fantastic. Mr. Doofus wants to interrogate Mr. Jones. He is not gonna talk to you.
  • Fletcher is part of team conducting the raid. Don’t touch the two dollar bill! Oh no! Save him. Crap-o-rama. They lost Fletch and Olivia is pissed.sadsadsad
  • Jones is planning something worse and he needs Olivia to pass a test?? This is not good. worriedworriedworried
  • It’s up to Olivia to save everyone. In Olivia we trust!
  • Olivia: “I need two hours alone.” Mr. Doofus: “Why? Where you going?” Olivia: “To get a massage.” Dramatic elevator door closes. BAMF! Officially one of my fave scenes!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Awesome narration by Walter as Olivia is walking around the amusement park.thumbs upthumbs up
  • Olivia has to do the first test. Is she a recruit? What the what? She has turn the lights off by just looking at them? No secret switch anywhere? C’mon, Olivia concentrate. U can do it!
  • Olivia was treated with cortexiphan? That’s why she needed a spinal tap. What the eff is cortexiphan? thinking
  • Peter: “Walter, put the cow away.” laughinglaughing
  • Olivia looks so academic with those glasses on. Only she can make glasses look badass. Massive Dynamic has the patent to cortexiphan. surprisesurprisesurpriseDun dun dun.
  • The goal was to limit the limitation. surprise So, Cortexiphan is like a super power drug. Interesting.
  • Olivia is trying to turn the lights off. Phenomenal role playing. Nice deep breaths, Liv. rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor Way to sell it. LMAO Where is your Emmy?
  • They are off the building. OH NO! Does she have to turn off the lights for realisies now?! Jones to Olivia: “You are a rare commodity.”
  • It’s you Olivia!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU. This is so intense!!!!!!!!!!
  • Don’t leave her Peter!! Yay, he came back. She’s doing it!! Wow. Oh My Gosh! U ARE EXTRAORDINARY LIV!
  • Jones to Olivia: “My girl.” CREEPY!!!! And ewww!
  • You were in the zone Olivia! Stop trying to find another reason for why the lights were turned off. Accept the fact that you are BEYOND AWESOME.
  • Multiverse??
  • Ahhh! Ms. Terminator just said there was another testing center in Jacksonville, FL at a military base.
  • No way! Did William Bell use Walter’s typewriter to write the manuscript?! OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!

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  1. This is one of my favourite episodes. Olivia is so kick-ass and the Polivia moments are great. (I love the ‘you’re a little weird’ exchange too), plus that adorable look Olivia gives Peter right after he says it. Excellent first time viewer recap, as always.

  2. One of the best episodes of the series! There are many of them, tho haha. It’s when the shit really starts to hit the fan. I can’t wait until you get to Bad Dreams!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love this episode, and you caught that “multiverse” thing, right? Gah, I love this show to pieces.

  4. Thanks for the recap.

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